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Dicrel Seijin 04-28-11 09:07 AM

Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings has a staggering variety of 10mm, 28mm miniatures (the majority of the catalogue), and 1/144 scale imported miniatures from Japan (all aircraft).

The Glory of the Sun is the armies and enemies of Louis XIV (1665 – 1680). Below are French Musketeers at the ready.

Future Wars is near-future science fiction minis: soldiers, scavengers, cops, zombies, corporate executives, bikers, criminals, citizens and aliens. Below are a Bio-Chem Squad, Hunter Aliens, and a Hi-Tech Research Lab.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is 1960s secret agents, evil geniuses, henchmen, fatal distractions, guards in brightly-colored overalls and other groovy stuff. Below are Evil Geniuses and the Secret Base Control Room Set.

Back of Beyond focuses on the war in Central Asia (1918 – 1926) with Bolsheviks, White Russians, Chinese Warlords, the Indian Army, Tibetans, Mongols, mercenaries, adventurers and baggage. Below are the Indian Army’s Sikh Infantry, Rolls-Royce 1920 Armored Car, and Yetis (not historical I know, but cool nonetheless)

World War I focuses on the Middle East (1914 – 1918) with the British (in tropical dress), the Indian Army (Sikhs, Gurkhas, and Muslim Infantry), and Turks. Below are Turkish Officers and British Officers.

High Adventure focuses on far-flung places from the polar wastes to tropical lost worlds: animals, adventurers, Inuit hunters, polar explorers, sleds, dinosaurs, cavemen, and Amazonian Indians. Below are Jolly Good Chaps and a Snowcat.

Darkest Africa focuses on Colonial Africa (1880 – 1914): big game hunters, British sailors, German askaris and marines, Ngoni warriors, Somali tribesmen, and wild animals. Below are Big Game Hunters and Somali Cavalry with Guns.

Gangsters focuses on the Mob wars in the 1920s: bosses, hoodlums, street toughs, beat cops, hillbillies, swell dolls, gun molls, Texas rangers, and citizens. Below are Texas Rangers, Sharpshootin’ Hillbillies, and Gun Molls.

10mm Fantasy are small scale miniatures for epic battles. Below are Heroes on Horseback and Orcs.

And finally, here is a 1/144 scale Gloster Meteor.

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imm0rtal reaper 04-28-11 04:44 PM

Some funky stuff here! Love the predators and the hitler bot!

Dicrel Seijin 04-29-11 01:26 AM


Originally Posted by imm0rtal reaper (Post 954427)
Some funky stuff here! Love the predators and the hitler bot!

I think the "Alien Hunters" were one of the best things I've found so far. I so want to buy up a squad and run some sort of Alien vs. Predator vs. Humans game.

I wanted to include more photos, but all the native peoples and the cave people were either naked or topless (and most were painted so it was kind of obvious).

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