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Bane_of_Kings 04-18-11 07:55 AM

Various Links to Help with your writing
Updated: 17 March 2012

Hey all, whilst searching the internet, I've found a few various websites that may help you improve your writing skills.

Note, I don't own any of the websites, I just thought it would be useful to have as many writing websites in one place.

So enjoy:

Gav Thorpe's Blog: Ask Dennis
BBC's Get Writing
Fantasy World Building Questions
Tips on Writing Military Sci-Fi
Magical World Builder
The Creation of Perception (Point of View)
8 Fiddly Things you can do to your manuscript to make your editors day.
Formatting a Manuscript
Turkey City Lexicon
How to write a good Fight Scene
The Writer's Circle
Finishing Your Novel (NaNoWriMo)
Chuck Wending's 25 Things You Should Know About Creativity
Chuck Wending's 25 Things You Should Know About Word Choice
Chuck Wending's 25 Ways To Unfuck Your Story
An Argument Against Adverbs
An Exploration of Interstellar Travel
A Large Collection of Grammar Mistakes
How to format a submission for a novel properly
Neil Gaiman´s Everything you need to know about Agents and how to get a Good one
Whatever: John Scalzi's Blog (many helpful articles and suggestions, including Unasked for advice for new writers regarding money and Writing Tips for Non-Writers Who Don't Want To Work at Writing)
An Amateur Writer's Tips to Other Amateurs
A List of Character Flaws
New Writing Advice by Brent Weeks, author of the Night Angel Trilogy
Inspiration - Mind Mapping software

Serpion5 04-18-11 08:12 AM

Are you saying I`m no good? :cray:

:laugh: But seriously, nice find. I`ll do some browsing... :grin:

Bane_of_Kings 04-18-11 08:17 AM

This is links for other websites, Serp. If people want to ask users for feedback, they can simply just pm them :wink:.

Also, thanks for the rep.

Serpion5 04-18-11 09:10 AM

`twas a joke, good Sir. :no:

And you`re welcome. :)

Bane_of_Kings 04-18-11 09:27 AM

I know :P.

Boc 04-18-11 12:24 PM

Good list, I'd also throw in the Turkey City Lexicon as an excellent resource to check out.

Bane_of_Kings 04-18-11 01:51 PM

It's in there :).

Thanks for the link.

Bane_of_Kings 03-17-12 09:23 AM

Just figured that I'd bump this for the upcoming Black Library Submissions Window. Sorry about bringing this back, just figured it might be useful. Might update it with some links later.

Dave T Hobbit 03-17-12 10:21 AM

Some useful information there that I have not seen in other places.


andygorn 03-17-12 02:25 PM

IMHO, this is a really valuable resource to have, because it gives ideas about more professional/crafting take on writing. Many thanks for sharing this.

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