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MadCowCrazy 11-23-11 03:53 AM

If I remember from when I last read the Tau codex the Tau themselves see assault as barbaric and something for the lesser races, they do however see the importance of it which is why they employ Kroot and other races to deal with assault. They regard them as canon fodder which is sent in only to slow down the opposition, it just happen to be that the Kroot are pretty good at killing in close combat (according to the fluff, and the Eatatau webcomic :crazy:).

The Tau also have poor eyesight I believe which is why most have that antennae thing on the sides of their head. They also have pretty short lifespans, I believe a Tau over 30-40 is considered very old. Then again this led them to try and get the most out of life, dedicating themselves into research or such, this is why they have become so technologically advanced in such a short timespan (Believe they were behind the warstorm for 2000 years, so they went from a primitive people to a space faring advanced race. Hmm, technically they advanced faster than we have in the past 2000 years :P).

When we look at the race we can see some spots open for units though.

Tau suck at assault with WS2 and I2, their shooting is average with BS3 but this can be increased through markerlights and they have really powerful guns. Do they have anything below or at S4 (other than the flamers)?

Kroot have WS4, I3 and is generally a speedbump unit. They have their hounds which add a bit more to their close combat.

I think we will probably see a jump assault close combat unit, if Stingwings will get upgrades for this I dont know, with I5 they could be good if they got all power weapons or some S upgrading wargear.

They dont really have a MC, perhaps they will get greater Knarlocs or similar?

Fliers have been mentioned so I guess that's covered.

So what exactly is the army missing?
Flier, MC and jump assault infantry. Is there anything else? Perhaps a low count uber assault unit?
What role would the demiurge fill? If they do get them?

DecrepitDragon 11-23-11 04:24 AM


Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1112179)
So what exactly is the army missing?
Flier, MC and jump assault infantry. Is there anything else? Perhaps a low count uber assault unit?
What role would the demiurge fill? If they do get them?

That pretty much covers it MCC.

I forsee the Demuirg as being squats ( old space dwarves ) in nature - most of the only background to be found on them, that I'm aware of, is in BFG. They tend to favour standing at range with big effing guns, when they cant ignore the enemies entirely. I dont see them as a combat unit ( although, again, back in the day, they had excellent "brick wall" units ).

I am, of course assuming that the Tau Demuirg will be any relation at all to the race in BFG, or indeed anything like the old squats. I haven't, in all honesty, seen anything to confirm this.

It seems more likely that GW will boost Vespid, as you say with either wargear or stat upgrades to become the assault unit - and who would honestly say they dont need changed anyway!

MadCowCrazy 11-23-11 05:29 AM

This has been mentioned to be related to the Tau somehow.

SavageConvoy 11-23-11 06:40 AM

It's like... he had so many guns and the will to use them all at once. So his soul sprouted extra arms from his torso. To shoot guns. I shall call him "Gun-Haver."
Just noticed that of all the different guns from different races, the Tau don't seem to be left out of his collection. Maybe because we only have one pistol in the entire codex?

But I thought all the rumors of Demuirg being a CC unit was just a joke from earlier in the year trying to make them seem like they were dwarves in space.

I don't even remember seeing anything about anything specific about another race being introduced outside of aesthetics.

"Insectoid" aliens? That tells me a lot, bro. Thanks for the heads up.

Winterous 11-23-11 06:44 AM


Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy (Post 1112222)
This has been mentioned to be related to the Tau somehow.

Well that picture is old, which you can tell by the old Splinter Rifle design.
But I wouldn't be surprised, the Tau want to ally with other races, as long as they're willing to be somewhat subservient.

Wax 11-23-11 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by DecrepitDragon (Post 1112107)
From a fluff point of view, they certainly could.

Wont happen in the rules though.

A modified "Hit and Run" might work though.

Well they already can take an upgrade to have hit-and-run. It would be pretty silly if they lost that.

MaidenManiac 11-23-11 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by Wax (Post 1112260)
Well they already can take an upgrade to have hit-and-run. It would be pretty silly if they lost that.

Yea but its special Issue right now meaning it wont work that well at all.
It should be included in Crisis Suits per default to be useful, it fits the Tau philosophy and way of war in a very good way :)

MetalHandkerchief 11-23-11 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by hungryugolino (Post 1095111)
...The Tau affecting the fate of the galaxy? Oh, God-Emperor, no.


Chaos is going to be a major threat come 6th Edition to everyone, not just the Imperium, and apparently they (Chaos) will have a front against the Tau Empire, hence why Tau are getting a release before-hand. The perspective/narrative is also changing apparently and it won't be only or heavily Imperial, he/she said that GW wanted to make some of the other "good" races (Tau Empire, Eldar) feel just as important as the Imperium when it comes to lore/fluff and the fate of the galaxy. This was apparently some of the reasoning behind why Tau Empire and Eldar are getting books before armies like Dark Angels and Black Templars.
I can see it now...

A new anomaly appears on the eastern end of the galaxy, as the Tau have expanded almost all the way to Ultramar. It turns out that all the Chaos gods have focused their malice to open up a second, smaller Eye to the galaxy to tap in to the rich life in these sectors...

A full-on clusterfuck erupts as Chaos, Orks and Tyranids encroach on the same Tau rearguard worlds, destroying eachother's forces. However, Chaos have been sneaky. Chaos have their eyes on a juicier target still... Macragge.

On sheer chance alone, a Tau expeditionary force set to colonize the Ultramar sector finds it heavily fortified, clearly by the Imperium. Even in all their travels, they had never seen such a heavily fortified sector. What surprised them even more, was that these fortifications were in ruins...

Calling for reinforcements, the Tau could not let slip this opportunity to examine the Space Marines and their woes more closely, to gain an upper hand in future "negotiations". Within just weeks, the expeditionary force had become a full-scale invasion force, consisting of Au'Taal, Bork'An, Kel'Tyr and Vior'La fleets.

Touchdown on Macragge: The largest invading Tau force in the race's brief history met no resistance at planetfall. Though, it was always obvious why. The horizon burned bright, the fortresses and structures, on closer inspection were being trampled by huge titans going toe-to-toe in the midst of an all-out war. The combined cadres of Tau joined the fight, if not to gain control of the planet, to stave off Chaos from this world.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on planet, ancient structures were flickering in and out of existence, unseen....

The arrival of the Tau were met with suspicious relief by Space Marine commanders. They had arrived at a most opportune time, for the titans of Chaos were mere moments from breaching the fortress-monastery. Dozens of Tiger Sharks descended from the skies in faster than lighting attacks, bringing down each and every hulking, wretched behemoth in a fusillade the Space Marines had mere years before been on the receiving end of. But elsewhere, a much more pivotal battle was about to unfold...

"Show yourself demon!" The halls of the palace were quiet. Too quiet. Marneus Calgar knew that he and his select force of Sternguard were not alone in the fortress-monastery. He could feel it, like he had felt it thousands of times before. But this time, he was not the hunter. "To the roof, brethren!" he exclaimed, setting off in a hurry. He needed to join his men. This assault had happened quickly, noone had seen it coming, and it had already cost too much.

Just as the Marines outside the perimeter of the monastery had turned the tables in their favor with the help of the Tau force, company commanders and all of the upper echelon of comman convened to set up a base of operations. Even before completing this, a Tau Orca drop ship descended in their midst, silently landing in the same spot the techmarines had assigned to the Thunderhawks, as if they knew. Wheels clanking and whirring, the front door opened, and an emissary strode towards the Space Marines. The Ethereal did not speak, but carried a weaved blanket in his arms. He gently placed it on the ground, and unfurled it to be seen by the Imperial command gathered around. The Space Marines exchanged looks. The Ethereal remained silent.

Back in the Monastery, Marneus Calgar and his troupe was making way to the top of the structure. Haunting echoes were drawing nearer in his mind, he knew what the forces of Chaos were doing here all too well. Suddenly, out of nowhere - in his mind - he could hear a faint voice. "Fear not. Your life is in my hands."

"It appears to be a star chart", Ortan Cassius, Master of Sanctity presumed. "And is that the Eye of Terror?", the chief librarian, Varro Tigurius asked. "No. Gue'La of the highest esteem, this is not what you call the Eye. This is something else entirely, something fresh. This chart shows the location of a new entity in our galaxy, and in less than a Kal'Rotaa it has fully grown and is now upon us. We have relocated colonies, we have observed... Them. They are Chaos as you know them. They are close." The assembled core of the Space Marine command broke out into shocked internal discussion. "Enough!" First Captain Severus Agemman shouted, and stepped forth from the crowd. "This is within our quadrant?" He asked, to confirm with the Ethereal. "Indeed, less than twenty sectors from here", the Ethereal assured. Agemman paused, then unhooked his helmet from his belt and donned it, the air valves breathing as he did. "We'll talk later. We have a battle to fight, and right now I need that landing zone for my Thunderhawks". The Ethereal simply bowed, and started towards the dropship.

"Lord Magragge, we've got a problem", the apothecary exclaimed. "What is it now, brother?" "This door... It's sealed, and it's not naturally so." Calgar removed his helmet and threw it to the marble floor. Cut off from the roof, he scoped out the room. They were in the Librarium Primaris, one of the biggest rooms in the citadel of the fortress-monastery, a room lined with ancient tomes and foreboding statues of librarians passed. "Wery well. I suppose this is a good spot as any to make our stand. Set your flamers to short burn, we want to lose as little of history as possible." The accompanying Sternguard exchanged looks, and those few who hadn't already donned their helms did so. Suddenly, the room went still. The rumbling from the battle outside had stopped, exchanged by a low hum. A voice beyond ages rose, seemingly coming from the biggest statue in the room, the statue of Guilliman himself. "Ahh, I smell you. I feeeeel you... We've gone to great lengths to get here, Marneus... I hope you relish your end as much as we will..."

Out from the shadow of the four pillars strode each of the greats. Slaanesh and Tzeentch from the southern end of the room, Khorne and Nurgle from the northern - hunched, as if thirsting for their prize. "Do you know how much it took? How hard it has been to make the great game stop for just this one glorious moment... To have your blood?" The unknown voice soon had a face, as the statue shattered, and from it, strode a prince much greater than the rest. "You!" Calgar both whispered and boomed at the same time. "Yesssss... You know me! Good then, that we have finally met... Again", said the newcomer, known as Malal. "Now let's get started" it hissed, as all the five princes strode towards Calgar and his rearguard.

"We can't get in, Captain" one of the battle-brothers frantically spoke over the comm. "What do you mean, you can't get in? Our chapter master is in there!" Captain Antilochus of the 10th company expressed. "I mean, there is some sort of barrier holding the gates in place. It's not mundane... Maybe the Librarians will know what to do?" The scouts stepped down, they had tried what they could, but could not enter the monastery's halls using any normal means. "I fear this invasion has been but a distraction" Epistolary Mardius interfered. "We'll be there shortly."

Meanwhile, the epic battle in the Librarium Primaris was raging. Marneus Calgar had wounded all the princes but Malal, but his Sternguard warriors were being obliterated one by one. Just as Calgar delivered the dissipating blow to the Nurgle prince, the last of his guard fell, a jet of flame shooting blindly to the air as his flamer knocked on stone. Kneeling, Calgar asked; "What is it you want!" The princes bemused his request, and Malal spoke; "We want your blood. You have been our most prized target for so long, did you not think you were worthy of our unified pursuit? It is a compliment of the greatest kind, to be chased down by all of us... It is a glorius but bloody death. I hope you'll be our best servant after we are done here..." Just as Malal raised his sickle claw in earnest to strike at the kneeling chapter master, the air went static, and several bundles of mesh rapidly pinned his deformed arm to the nearby pillar. The other demon princes were given the same treatment, all within less than a second. A portal opened.

"Like I said, Calgar. Your life is in my hands. Now I give it back to you" Warp Spider exarchs scurried to the princes, finishing the job with extreme precision. The sickly thin farseer that had spoken, calmly walked towards Malal. "You... We've had banter thousands of years ago. I thought we had a deal?" The Farseer placed his hands on the blackened smoke-form prince. "No! This does not concern you, Eldar!" The demon prince dissipated shortly after, and the Farseer turned to Marneus Calgar. "I am Farseer Kelmon of Iyanden" he spoke. "What? Kelmon died stopping Hive Fleet Kraken!", Calgar spat. "Yes. I did. That is not something you could understand in this lifetime. Just let me give you this word of advice before I go. The race you know as Tau. They have helped your cause greatly on this day. They entered your sector thinking they would colonize some empty worlds, but instead cleansed this world of Chaos, a feat your own military could not do. I ask you to recognize their strength, and not to oppose them, for in the future they may be your greatest allies." And just as quickly as he arrived, Kelmon was gone.

The damage done to the Ultramarines chapter was beyond repair, at least within many decades. But the spirit of the Ultramarines lived on since that day, even if they were reduced to minority. Calgar didn't know what to do with the Farseer's advice, but exerted mild caution in his dealings with the Tau from that day...

Jekub 11-24-11 07:45 AM

A good story, but I thought Malal was a renegade, fighting against the other Chaos gods! A Chaotic God fighting to destroy Chaos! Or is that going too far back in fantasy editions?

MetalHandkerchief 11-24-11 08:00 AM


Originally Posted by Jekub (Post 1112933)
but I thought Malal was a renegade

And what did you think the Farseer meant by "we had a deal"? :P

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