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Viscount Vash 03-25-11 08:19 PM

Show us your Pets!

Time to go ahhh or urgh as we share pictures of all your pets and critters.

Here are the hounds of Tinkerbell and Vash. :)

Welsh Springer Spaniels.

Autum; Grudging show dog, This one is Tink's precious little princess and will not allow any one but her professional groomer groom her.


Lilly; Loves going round the show ring, loves eating, loves being groomed. bit of a daddys girl. Recently got Tinks her first class win ever at Crufts.


Boo (the Bear); Highly trained sleeping Spaniel. Boo is a bit larger than the others, an amiable creature but seriously hates being groomed, hence the shaggy appearance and 'bear'.


Catpain Rich 03-25-11 08:23 PM

Awwww look at the doggy it's sooo cute!

Yeah i have no pets i just wanted to say that.

Jezlad 03-25-11 08:41 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Here's my 4 cats.

The Blue is Lenny (the monster cat - maine coon, he's huge)
Tortie is Molly the stray that turned up on the door.
The ginger is Alfie.
The tabby is Roxy.

They also have lots of nicknames.

Lenny is Lennis the Menace

Roxy is Nodge Pig.

Molly is The Molshka or Molski (in a russian or slavic accent)

Alf is King Alfred Jerrum the First or simply Alfman.

Roxy also has her own song. (influenced by the puss in boots story)

Nodgie she goes around the world.
Nodgie she goes around the sea.
She's Nodgie.

snarst 03-25-11 09:16 PM

I had a tabby cat that looked similar to yours, he just had a raccoon tail and that's about the only difference. He lived to be 15, pretty good considering he was an outdoor cat that lived in the country side with lots of coyotes running around. He usually slept on the roof. :grin:

I'd show you all my pets but I have to damn many. 9 in total.

ThatOtherGuy 03-25-11 10:35 PM


Here's my miscreation. His name is Scrapples.

Djinn24 03-25-11 10:47 PM


My Chocolate Lab Jackson stealing my wives pillow.


Jackson licking my wife after pinning her down.


My other dog izzy, she is part beagle and something else.

Barnster 03-25-11 10:54 PM

My cat Munch, named because she loves to eat.....


Unforgiven302 03-26-11 12:47 AM

My pug named Moose.


He is a bit of an idiot, but he has a great personality and loves to be on your lap or playing tug-o-war or fetch.

Androxine Vortex 03-26-11 02:18 AM

My dog

My goldfish

my bird

lol but for real, I have a Sheltie named Gryff (short for Gryffindor, my mom named him that not me lol) who is the best dog ever, he literaly saved my Dad's life. one time he was taking him for a walk and he slipped on ice and was knocked out in a snow storm. He liked him but could wake him up so he barked at a neighbors door and they came out and helped him

oh and i have a lazy, half blind, fat calico cat named Sammy :D

Serpion5 03-26-11 08:44 AM

Here`s my pet. The look on his face means: wtf is that thing you`re pointing at me?

I tried to get more but he refused to sit still after this.


He`s a border collie x kelpie x other. His mother was a purebred collie, his father was evidently a mongrel who sneaked onto the farm one night. :wink:

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