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Lord Sven Kittyclaw 03-25-11 05:36 AM

Fury vs. Focus, thoughts?
Simple really, how do you feel on the fury vs. Focus front, I started with warmachine, now play hordes, and while fury is much more complicated, I find it endlessly more powerful and effective, while managing it takes work. The ability to get a mess of boosts+extra attacks from ALL my beasts, then being able to just drop the fury due to abilities/paingivers and their equivalents, makes it endlessly more useful than 3 jacks with three each, and 1 with 1 (Most base focus on a model is 10, on the Harbinger of Menoth)

The Wraithlord 03-25-11 08:10 AM

I like the way Fury works better myself as it is a bit more intuitive and leads to less waste. With Focus you might put 3 on a jack only to have 2 of them go to waste in many circumstances. Fury does have its drawbacks but I do think it is a easier system. However there is one thing that makes Focus so much better in the end and that is the fact that you never lose your Focus like you do with Fury after a beast dies. Lose every jack you have, you will still have your full Focus and that in turn makes the Warcasters themselves more powerful. A full Focus Lich Lord Asphyxious or Venethrax is death on legs to just about anything they choose to hit but most warlocks aren't quite as capable.

Lord Sven Kittyclaw 03-25-11 06:00 PM

Good point, it's also worth noting that a jack is generally more powerful and resilient than a beast, but can use its fury to topple jacks quickly.

If you play smart against hordes and pick off the beasts, your exactly right, you leave the Warlock crippled, but until then, he will be deflecting damage, and his beasts will be mauling everything. The differences in the system are great, and one of the big draws for me.

Starship Trooper 03-25-11 08:14 PM

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I've been told you can play Hordes Vs. Warmachine is that so and if so how does that work?

OpTi 03-25-11 10:35 PM

Ye i recently had a game vs a legion army with my cryx, my plan was to cripple his fury generation but then i had an epic fail with a roll that would've saved my caster and doomed thiers through pdenny's debuffs.

But thats beside the point i find fury works better for sheer output making hordes armies very good at alpha strikes but once that fury dries up it makes them much weaker, where like Wraithlord says a warcaster is still a force to be reckoned with as you can't remove thier focus.


I've been told you can play Hordes Vs. Warmachine is that so and if so how does that work?
Easy put your armies on the table and play, the rules were made to be played together.

The Wraithlord 03-25-11 10:37 PM

Here is a quote of my own from another thread regarding that same topic:


Both systems are nearly identical in rules aside from a couple of stand alone issues that don't affect the other system in any way. And some of the newest model releases have rules in them that affect the rules of the other system as well as their own. There is absolutely no difficulty in meshing the two at all.
In fact, I recommend you check out that thread itself. It is a small one but informative and should answer your questions regarding mixing the two systems. Dig it here: https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...ad.php?t=66674

Phenious 10-30-12 03:46 AM

Well with legion, we take so many beasts, you are better off attacking the caster then taking out every one of our beasts. I myself am learning how to keep one small and one lesser beast near by for fury and transfer and protection. Our beasts tear through anything they go against. but one on one casters beat locks.

Shadowbadger 10-31-12 11:27 PM

With Killing off beasts the army loses some utility as well in the animus.

I am just looking into starting a Hordes force now and that is one of the big things I have noticed, how animus can stack with your warlock spells and other model abilities. That is another big difference between the two systems.

Alsojames 05-02-13 09:37 PM

I like the fury system better, for the same reason The Wraithlord said: it leads to less waste.

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