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spanner94ezekiel 03-19-11 11:55 AM

Black Typhoons
The Black Typhoons is my new DA successor chapter so I thought I might post some fluff and rules....

Black Typhoons Background:

The chapter was formed at request by the to-be chapter master Arkyrus, ex-Dark Angel in order to combat the growing threat of chaos in the 37th Millennium
The gene-seed is a mix of mostly Dark Angels, but also made up by others.
The gene-seed is flawed, due to events that will be explained later
The chapter's homeworld is a feral world called Fearan VI and is situated on the southern edge of the Imperium.
The chapter follows a mostly deviant form of the codex astartes, maintaining battle companies trained to deal specifically with one foe (Orks, Chaos, Necrons, Tyranids), a veteran company, the Thunder Rider company (similar to the Ravenwing), a death company, a scout company, 1 of each reserve company, and the (non-playable) rogue 13th company.
The chapter has close links with the Dark Angels
However, it has a deep hatred for all xenos, but specifically Chaos, and has a rivalry with the Inquisition.

spanner94ezekiel 03-19-11 11:58 AM


The Warp
During the fateful events that happened on the day of the destruction of Caliban and the fall of the traitors, one of the Brethren was amidst the thick of the fighting. Arkyrus was a Kimonean that had been recruited into the Dark Angels in the time after the Great Crusade, and was one of the Chapter’s most trusted sergeants. During the final battle between the chaos-ridden Luther and the great Primarch, Lion El’Jonson, a cataclysmic warp rift opened and threw the Fallen far and wide across the universe. However, it also took one and only one of the faithful Dark Angels. Arkyrus. The reasons for this event remain uncovered, and appear to be deliberately hidden by a certain individual with specific intent to hide incriminating details. He was swept away onto the far-fallen planet of Fearan VI. He was cast there while entire millennia past, seeming only the blink of an eye to Arkyrus. He was not sought after by his Brethren, as they feared him dead. He decided to make the long journey to Terra to see the High Lords for he had one thing on his mind. Not to rejoin the Dark Angels, but to create his own chapter who would concentrate on destroying the forces of chaos especially those of the Fallen. It took him many decades, giving him time to further hone his skills as a mercenary, freedom fighter and assassin but eventually he reached Terra in the early 40th Millenium. During this time he discovered that his abilities had been increased greatly, due to the warp travel.

The High Lords
When Arkyrus reached Terra, he petitioned the High Lords of Terra to create his own chapter, drawing support from other key characters who had heard his name written in the legends of the Dark Angels. The High Lords granted his wish, and so the Black Typhoons were created as an almost successor chapter of the Dark Angels. Since their creation, under Arkyrus’ leadership they have fought in many a campaign alone or alongside the Dark Angels, or other Unforgiven chapters. They are merciless in the face of their enemies and will never fail to stand their ground, for they are the dedicated enemies of Chaos and the Fallen and will do anything to destroy them.

Special Rules:
v Independent Character
v Eternal Warrior
v Fearless – conferred to all units within 12” of Him.
v Rites of Battle
v Orbital Bombardment
v Chapter Tactics – All units with the And They Shall Know No Fear rule gain counter attack and preferred enemy against Chaos (including Daemons)

v Armour of the Warp: Gives Arkyrus a 2+ armour save, and 4+ invulnerable save. It is Terminator armour, meaning Arkyrus may Deepstrike.
v Gauntlets of Destruction: A pair of lightning claws with under slung master-crafted multimelta and heavy flamer. The gauntlets work as a pair of lightning claws striking at strength 6 in combat, and Arkyrus can fire both ranged weapons per turn.
v Psychic Hood

spanner94ezekiel 03-19-11 11:59 AM


The Keeper
Ashmael is the Keeper of the vaults and records and supreme Librarian of the Black Typhoons. This title means that Ashmael must make sure that records are kept of all the chapter’s deeds and victories. He keeps all the secrets that none outside the Unforgiven may know about the Black Typhoons creation.
He is a dour individual, rarely speaking, except to pass judgement or to rally the warriors of the Black Typhoons in desperate times.

The Warrior
When not fulfilling his role as the Keeper, Ashmael is often found in the thick of the fighting whenever the Black Typhoons are at war. He uses both the Silencer and his potent psychic powers to annihilate his enemies. He is one of the most feared Psykers in the 41st millennium with his librarian bodyguard, the Keeper’s Wrath. He is a descendant of Ezerius, the librarian who scanned Arkyrus at the Black Typhoons creation. He is also the brother of Ezekiel, the Grand master of Librarians of the Dark Angels, and they join forces as the Dread Keepers when the time is dire and they are needed.

The Silencer
The Silencer is Ashmael’s most potent force weapon, capable of felling the most deadly individual, man or beast. It is a unique weapon, a mace like no other. Many a foe has run from the sight of this deadly weapon, than face its wrath.

The Battle of Zahrain
It was at the battle of Zahrain where Ashmael really earned his deadly reputation. The Necron forces had carved a deadly hole in the Imperium’s forces, and were making its way slowly to the headquarters. Ashmael angered by this thought rallied Black Typhoons and Imperial Guard alike in one vast counter-attack. At the heart of the combat, the Keeper’s Wrath fought in hand-to-hand combat with the C’tan. It claimed two librarians, before Ashmael finally felled the foul creature's essence, dissipating away. The Necron forces immediately began to fade, returning to the Tomb Fleet, which was swiftly torn apart by the orbiting Imperial strike force.

Special Rules:
v Independent Character
v Special Character
v Fearless
v Psyker
v The Keeper’s Wrath: Up to five librarians may join Ashmael as a bodyguard. They are fearless.
v Dread Keepers: Ashmael may join Ezekiel (with any bodyguard) to make the Dread Keepers. They are fearless and in combat may make one strength 10 force-weapon attack instead of their usual attacks. Moreover they have Furious Charge and gain +1WS and+1A against Chaos.
 The Silencer: A force weapon. Any unit Ashmael assaults must take a morale test, fearless or not.
 The Protection of the Keeper: Artificer armour that provides a 2+ armour save.
 Stormbolter
 Ashmael may use up to three psychic powers per turn

Psychic Powers:
 Force Barrier
 Space Marine Psychic Powers
 The Wrath of the Typhoon

spanner94ezekiel 03-19-11 12:01 PM

Felruss Kraan
Master of the 1st Company
Master at arms
Kraan was born on a deathworld where the only chance of survival lay in mastering the art of combat, honing his skills to perfection over the decades. When the black typhoons came to his homeworld in search of recruits, they held a gladiatorial contest so as to select the best aspirants. Kraan destroyed anyone and everyone he faced, making him the undisputed champion. At the end of the tournament, Kraan was accepted as an initiate, but that was not enough for him. Feeling his blood lust had not been satisfied by the poor competition he had faced, he demanded to challenge the greatest warrior in the chapter. After a short debate, the wish was granted, and none other than Arkyrus, chapter master and veteran of many millennia, stepped forward to accept his challenge. The fight was long and well fought, but Kraan was no match for the century-veteraned chapter master, and was beaten down after an initial flurry of blows that sent Arkyrus reeling. Fortunately for the young warrior, Arkyrus was not insulted by the challenge on his honour, and trained Kraan as his personal bodyguard. After many decades of service, and saving Arkyrus’ life on many occasions, he was finally promoted to master of the 1st company, a reward above all others, and the company has continued to achieve victory after victory under his command.

Special Rules:
· Fearless
· Rites of Battle
· Independent Character
· Unique
· Relentless

· Master crafted thunder hammer
· Storm shield
· Terminator armour with iron halo

spanner94ezekiel 03-19-11 12:01 PM

Master of the Thunder Riders
The Maelstrom
Mercurus’ homeworld of Helix Alpha is situated on the brink of the Maelstrom, a warp storm near the centre of the known galaxy. It was here where Mercurus’ was raised, and when the Black Typhoons visited for recruitment, Mercurus was amongst one of the first admitted.

In the 41st millennium, the traitor renegade known as Huron Blackheart escaped the Imperium and, protected by the Dark Gods, settled in the Maelstrom. He wreaked havoc on the neighbouring worlds including Helix Alpha. Mercurus swore revenge on those who had killed his family and destroyed his homeworld, especially Huron Blackheart.

Mercurus quickly rose up the ranks of the Black Typhoons, becoming Master of the legendary Thunder Riders just over a millennium ago. His hatred for Huron has never failed, and he has led countless battles against Huron’s forces, but never once met him in combat, something he dearly wishes to do.

Special Rules:
Independent Character
Rites Of Battle
Preferred Enemy: Chaos (including Demons)
If Mercurus is present, Thunder Rider Attack squadrons can be taken as troops as well as fast attack

Space Marine Bike:
· Twin linked plasma guns
· Iron Halo
· Huron’s Bane: A master-crafted relic blade

spanner94ezekiel 03-19-11 12:02 PM

Andrial was taken into the Brethren from the death world of Hydraphur, on the brink of the roiling Eye of Terror. It was subject to many attacks over millennia, meaning the upbringing there was extremely harsh. This meant that Andrial grew up a hardened individual, shunning the outside world. His life was changed forever when his family were mercilessly slaughtered in Abbaddon’s 10th Black Crusade. From that day forth, Andrial swore revenge on those who murdered his family. He joined the Black Typhoons and quickly ascended through the ranks, becoming the Master of the 4th company within a century.

To Battle
Andrial has led the 4th company to victory in many a campaign including the Medusa campaign. However, his best was still to come in Abbaddon’s 12th Black Crusade. Hydraphur had fallen in days, along with various other worlds on the edge of the Eye of Terror. To blunt the attack, the Imperium stood en masse against the invaders across a front line spanning three star systems. Space Marine stood alongside guardsman and even the lowliest scribe. It was on the lonely planet of Vrragon VI that Andrial and the 4th Company made their stand. His valiant company destroyed attacking hordes, demons and traitors alike. In the midst of the swirling melee Andrial stood in hand to hand combat with the daemon prince. The foul creature struck Andrial a grievous blow, which enraged him. He got to his feet and decapitated the beast, which disintegrated instantly. In that instant the assailing demons vanished and the traitors began to turn and flee knowing that defeat was at hand. But the angels of death were upon them, and not one of them escaped with their lives...

Master of Initiation
Now past his prime, although still formidable in combat andrial takes command of the scout company instead of the 4th so that he is able to pass on what he knows to the next generation of warriors. On occasion, he joins the company in battle, armed with the fated power swords, as well as his trusty master-crafted sniper rifle that he has felled many a monster with.

Special Rules:
v Independent Character
v Fearless
v Rites of Battle
v Infiltrate
v Scouts
v If Andrial is present, all scout units count as scoring units

v Daemonbane:
A pair of power swords that brought about the end of the daemon prince.
v Master-crafted sniper rifle:
Range 48” SX AP1 Heavy 1
[re-roll to wound]

spanner94ezekiel 03-19-11 12:05 PM

Master of the Death Company
As a child, Ares was violent and unstable person. He shunned attention, preferring to live on his own. When the Black Typhoons made their name in the Medusa campaign, he sought to join their ranks. For many years he travelled to find them before finally arriving, coincidently on a planet at the same time that the Black Typhoons were recruiting there.

The Strain
When the gene seed was implanted into Ares, deviations and mutations began to appear. The Inner Circle met and discovered it was corrupted due to the Warp. However, instead of destroying the gene-seed (and Ares), they decided to utilise this, and created a company especially for those with Warp Rage – the Death Company.

The Death Company
The Death Company was created to accommodate those with the Warp Rage strain of gene-seed. They are bezerkers, and are highly feared enemies. They are lethal in combat, for they are fearless, as they know that they have no option but to fight or die. Armed with a fearsome array of weaponry, they charge into combat without thought, their intent only to utterly destroy their enemy. There are also Death Company dreadnoughts who may be equipped with an additional dreadnought close combat weapon, instead of a main ranged weapon.

Special Rules:
v Fearless
v Feel No Pain
v Furious Charge
v Independent Character
v Unique
v Rites Of Battle
v If Ares is present, all Death Company units count as troops

v Power weapon, and The Earthshaker:
A single power fist that has no initiative penalties (strikes at Ares’ normal initiative)
v Iron Halo

spanner94ezekiel 03-19-11 12:05 PM

Wolfram Gunderin
Master of the 10th company
Gunderin had been a serving marine in the Black Typhoons for many centuries as part of the 8th tactical support company, boasting veteranship of countless crusades. However, after Abaddon’s infamous 10th crusade, Mars, the forge world of terra, came under siege from a force of Iron Warriors. As part of the army that went to combat the fleet, Gunderin was part of an assault on a chaos-held plasma generator which was key to the survival of the alpha legion forces. However, as the attack took place, it became apparent that the chaos forces had long since withdrawn, whilst setting the generator to detonation. Seeing the danger to his colleagues, Gunderin, despite having no commanding authority, demanded all others leave whilst he tried to defuse it. Unfortunately, as the last man escaped, Gunderin was not left with enough time to successfully prevent the explosion and was at the heart of the generator when the plant exploded, incinerating everything within a 10 milers radius to a plasma-burnt husk. Extraordinarily, Gunderin survived, and was pulled from the wreckage days later.

Plasma Wrath
After this ordeal, gunderin was seen as a hero, and promoted to master of the 10th devastator company, after his newfound prowess with his plasma cannon, which he had customised so he could hold it in one hand.
Since then, he has commanded many a victory, often felling enemy elites and commanders with a single well-placed shot, and his victories continue to amass, making him, as some would claim, the supposed successor to Arkyrus as Chapter Master when the time comes.

Special Rules:
· Fearless
· Independent character
· Unique
· Rites of battle
· Tank killer:
All members of Gunderin’s squad count as having the tank hunters special rule.
• Master-crafted plasma cannon
• Heavy weapon
• Iron Halo

spanner94ezekiel 03-19-11 12:08 PM

The Thunder Riders
The Thunder Riders are the 2nd Company of the Black Typhoons and consist entirely of Brethren on Space Marine Bikes, Space Marine Attack Bikes, and Space Marine Land Speeders of various types. They are formed into two types of squadron consisting of ten men. The Attack squadrons consist of one sergeant on bike, five brethren on bikes, 2 in an attack bike, and two crewing the land speeder. The Support squadron consists of 2 brethren in each of five land speeders.
There are three variants of Land Speeder that the Black Typhoons use: the Tornado with assault cannon, the Typhoon with typhoon launcher, and the standard version. They do not use the Storm variant as they do not field scouts in the Thunder Rider Company, but instead in the independent 3rd scout company

The Thunder Riders’ main purpose is to aid the rest of the Unforgiven in the hunt for the Fallen, helping capture various ex-Dark Angels. However, when not on the Mission, they are used as a fast strike force in the various campaigns that the Black Typhoons are fighting in, attacking swiftly at the heart of the enemy, and departing before the enemy has a chance to react. They are equipped with turbo-boosters to utilise their speed on the battlefield, covering large areas to claim objectives, or help a needy ally. They are also equipped with teleporter homers, so that they can bring in the 1st Company terminators to deal with any more dangerous adversaries.

Special Rules

Space Marine Bike
Land Speeder
Teleporter homer

spanner94ezekiel 03-19-11 12:09 PM

The (5th) Death Company
The Death Company is a company of Black Typhoons who have succumbed to Warp Rage, meaning they are no longer stable enough to serve in tactically selected squads, and serve as bezerkers to terrify and break enemy lines, as a last service to their chapter and Emperor. Warp Rage dates back to the Fall of the Dark Angels, for when Arkyrus was sucked through the warp, the gene seed was mutated, putting the entire chapter at risk from a furious rage, where the victim can only think of disembowelling the nearest foe. It is believed that the Gene-seed was tainted by an agent of Khorne who seized the opportunity to damage the forces of humanity with a well-placed deception. However, as this is not normally Khorne’s way, it is believed that there could be other forces, not necessarily chaos at play. For these reasons, the company must be kept under strict supervision so as not to warrant any investigation from the Inquisition, which would prove fatal for the rest of the chapter. Therefore, the company is only used in times of great need, and under careful order. When not at war, the incapacitated members are locked away in a dungeon system far in the depths of the chapter’s fortress-monastery, until they are needed. And for when they are needed, the enemy’s knees begin to tremble…

Special Rules:
· Furious Charge
· Feel No Pain
· Fearless

· Chainsword and bolt pistol
· Frag & Krak Grenades

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