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Dudds 09-01-11 06:03 PM

Mephiston :P

Sorry. Vindicators and Lascannons are the only way you're likely to get shot of them with standard marines. Librarians can get rid of them with Vortex of Doom I believe, but there's a good chance you'll melt the librarian and anything close enough in the process. If you send a dreadnaught against it, more often than not, he'll telegraph that move and the dread will never reach it.

Like others have said, they're a huge sponge of your resources and your probably better off concentrating your fire on other parts of their army in an attempt to get the phase out.

a_bad_curry 10-12-11 10:32 AM

Space Marines-
Avoid it. Spread out and just hit it with lascannons/ML

IG- Vehicles. Protect them at all costs

Chaos-Ive never played as chaos against necrons...

Eldar-Fire dragons. Bring them to a necron game. At least 2 squads, and hope they dont footslog.

Latch 11-12-11 12:30 PM

First mix in an iron clad deadnought with chain fist and lightly sprinkle with
Multimeltas. Next add in some luck and garnish with your opponent's tears.

wingazzwarlord 11-12-11 01:03 PM

i would say close combat attacks are the way to go. i run orks and a nob or warboss with a powerclaw will sort it out on the charge. not entirley ofie with the space marine codex but i would imagine that they are str4 aswell which means a sm with a powerfist or a terminator will be str 9 on the charge. your still only gonna be glancing on 5's and penetrating on 6's but if u i would imagine a terminator sqaud would get the job done.

Darksanctuary 12-06-11 09:45 PM

number of ways for old space marines:
-melta guns
-close combat (power fist, thunder hammer, chainfist)
-orbital strike (could get lucky =D)

i dont see many monoliths now though since they got nerfed into the ground =/ i see more players (not all) leaning towards cryptek spyders and ahnilation barge's due to the points cost.

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