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dradcliffe09 03-01-11 08:38 PM

Modular Fantasy House on Sketchup
I decided to challenge myself and make some models of the maps in WotC's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. So far, I've done work on Barovia, the small village placed in the valley below Castle Ravenloft. I started making some houses, which began to get real tedious and consumed alot of virtual memory. Answer: Make the houses modular!

These may inspire you to do some houses of your own:

A view of the house on the map with other 'hollowed out' houses to save memory. The backdrop is imported from a wallpaper I found on Google search.


A view of the interior. All of the furniture, save the fireplace, is built from one of the beams I made for the house, stretched, resized and recolored.


A view of the second floor. The mattress, covers, and pillows are made from the same object resized and recolored.


A view of the modular house segments exploded. These parts can be arranged into just about any configuration for two story houses. Also, the segments break into separate floors, so you can essentially make one story houses with the same parts, or add basements, staircases, and balconies with with a relatively small amount of effort and memory.


Making these models was just FUN. Now to populate them with Strahd Zombies and annhilate them! :ok:

bitsandkits 03-01-11 11:54 PM

It looks good but the diagonal "supports" are not required, infact on most buildings with a diagonal support like that it would be on the bottom corner, your also lacking windows

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dradcliffe09 03-02-11 01:02 AM

Thanks, I'll make some changes. Right now, I'm working on the church and graveyard for the final battle in the village. I also plan to add fences, border walls, lamps, wells and such. A few barns and gardens would also make sense.

dradcliffe09 03-07-11 10:13 PM

Did some rework on the exterior, broke the sections into smaller parts, added rooms and a staircase between floors:




Next, I think I'll add more windows, a fireplace, and whatever other eastern European / gothic fantasy features I can think of.

robert35 03-23-11 11:12 AM

Hello, This modular house is really looks awesome. I am really very happy to see these houses. I just want to live here. Will you please give me the all package to live here and also all facility which you will provided??

modular house

dradcliffe09 05-01-12 11:58 PM

In response to Robert35:

I'd be happy to upload these to the Google3dWarehouse, unfortunately, it's not a real place to live, otherwise you'd find me there! LOL

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