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Kreuger 02-15-11 08:49 PM

Warzone and Chronopia
I'm wondering how may of you out there own/played Target games Warzone and/or Chronopia?

I got into both early on. Target Games was located a town or two over (Secane, PA), and their main rep was close with my flgs owners. So we were one of the first stores to carry it.

I was already a Chaos player, and the Dark Legion was a wonderful and different take on the 'bad guys'. Consequently, I played Warzone from release and was 'the guy to beat' at my flgs . . . and my Dark legion are still undefeated. :grin:

Though at such a reasonable scale and cost I branched out, and started a Capitol force. They were a good time too. It was a nice change, painting fatigues instead of mutants and undead guys.

And then when Chronopia came out, I was a fan. the background was dark and fairly original. I wasn't another D&D, Tolkein clone. If anything it owned more to Michael Moorcock. And there I started a First Born army. The humans had a compelling background, and fantastic models.

So how many of you have old Warzone or Chronopia stories to share?


Kreuger 02-20-11 06:30 PM

So I recently noticed that following the dissolution of the publishing
companies who previously made Warzone and Chronopia, the company who
currently continues to sell the miniatures, also provides download links
to the rule books in pdf format. The current producer/seller, is
Prince August.

Its a bit murky who owns what, but it seems like the Mutant Chronicles IP is owned by Paradox Entertainment. However, I'm not sure what that means for all of the tabletop game rules.

Prince August link to these two earlier and later generations of the same site. Chronopiaworld is better laid out, but they both have useful info on the races and the game as a whole.

Prince August also links here. Which houses pdfs of all 3 generations of the warzone rules.


rob12763 03-17-11 01:07 AM

have capitol and Bauhas liked the rules but it is hard to get figs now.

chromedog 03-20-11 08:40 AM

Have some capital forces. Maybe 20 models.

Mixture of martian stuff and other.

Also a box of Bauhaus jungle commandos with rotary shotguns (and the heavy with a twin rotary).

Kreuger 03-24-11 07:30 PM


I have a small Capitol army and a sizable Dark Legion force with troops from all the Apostles, but mostly from Algeroth. I even have pics in my army section - though they're a little blown-out.

The minis aren't too hard to get. There's usually a decent selection on ebay and prince august games is still selling the new blisters.

How early did you guys get into Warzone? 1st edition or one of the two that followed?


Firefighter X 03-25-11 11:48 PM

People remember these systems? I never really fancied Warzone but Chronopia was the shit! I've never seen so many 20's rolled in my life. I LOVED that game [ until it dried up here at my FLGS ]. If I'm not mistaken there are still some blisters and boxes collecting dust on the shelves. If anyone is interested in them, let me know. I'l linventory what he has and post a list here if you guys are in the market, as it were.

I got in at release of American 1st edition [ technically 2nd edition ] in 2002. I've got a MASSIVE Obsidian Serpent Army that's been collecting dust in my closet for the better part of 8-9 years, more's the pity. I wish there were more people that played. I'd love to dust them off and get stuck in again.

When I say a massive army, I mean it.

Here's what I remember having;

Female Black Lotus Eater [ Red Lotus Eater conversion ]
Male Black Lotus Eater [ Silver Lotus Eater conversion ]
2 Adamantine Golemns
4 Obsidian Guard
Dragonbane Warkiller
Flying Dragonbane Rider
1 full unit of Militia
2 full units of Axemen
2 full units of Archers
4 full units of Dragon Clan Slaves
1 full unit of DragonSkull Warriors [ using Horned Ones Legion minis as proxies ]

I'm glad to see I'm not alone here.


Kreuger 04-01-11 06:10 PM

Oh, right on! I got into it, but very few others in my area did.

The only mini from Chronopia I'd really be after at this point is a Stygian Sister's of Tiamat. If they have one of those I'd be interested.


moo 04-01-11 07:03 PM

I love the game system and the fluff for both games, but i sold all my chronopia stuff other than the books. I still keep a large force of bauhaus and cybertronics. I've always liked some of their models but generally speaking they were quite far behind the quality of GW and PP. Still as rules sets go this was one of the quickest, indepth and fun game systems ever.

I've seen so many funny things on the battlefield like a GT offroad smashing through mishima kamikaze warheads and still somehow surviving all the way through or a cybertronics eradicator deathdroid have so much issue trying to kill one bloody bauhaus trooper. ^^ ah brings back memories, i've actually only ever played 1st edition rules so i don't know about the later ones.

Kreuger 04-04-11 06:06 PM

I own rules for later editions, but only played them once. I played 1st ed a lot though. We had a pretty lively group of players when warzone came out. It helped that we were so close to the USA HQ and the owner of the flgs was fairly close with a bunch of their reps and honchos.

How did you like those armies Moo?

I always liked Bauhaus, but I felt like Cybertronic was a little over armored. Not overpowered but points/effectiveness a bit above average.

I mostly played Dark Legion, which had some straight up Overpowered units. Though after a few games with an unpleasant number of Nazgaroths on my side, I decided to change my list to be more fun for my opponents. From that point out I ran an army that was a Razide with Nazgaroth, and 3 units of Undead Legionnaires lead by NecroMutants. It was so much fun.

I really enjoyed how the game was divided over units actions, as opposed to more static turns. It mean less snoozing while the enemy army moved, or waiting while they rolled oodles of dice.


chromedog 05-13-11 07:14 AM

It was 1st ed warzone.
Club I played at used to play it.

Minis were cheap enough and not especially horrible ( :D ).

Club closed down and I moved away, so I stopped playing the game.

If I had a group that played within 90 minutes travel, I'd be there.

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