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normtheunsavoury 02-09-11 12:03 AM

The Dream Fight ? Vs ?
One on one who would you love to see in a tear up?
It could be anyone, past or present of 40K or 30K. Who would put up the best fight or settle the biggest score?

To get the ball rolling, Dante Vs Calgar.

Just to see the smurf take a kicking:grin:

Baron Spikey 02-09-11 12:05 AM

Well I saw the title and the first thing that popped into my head was Dante vs. Abaddon- I'd love to read that fight in a novel, obviously neither could die but I bet it would be a proper, down in the mud scrap.

Akatsuki13 02-09-11 12:18 AM

I got two battles I would love to see. First, the only Tau that will appear in post, Commander Farsight vs Commander Shadowsun. I would love to see these two great warriors go at it over who's the best.

The second is a threeway fight over the title of best Commissar, Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt vs Commissar Yarrick vs Commissar Ciaphas Cain. My money's on Cain.:good:

NiceGuyEddy 02-09-11 12:29 AM

Kharn v Ragnar

LukeValantine 02-09-11 12:39 AM

Tzeentch vs the Hivemind
Any C'tan vs Tyranid invasion
Typhus vs Ahriman

mpomnibus 02-09-11 12:42 AM

The Emp vs any god just 1v1, no army, just what you can carry and some food because its going to be a long fight. Maybe a few planets if the planet blows up or something when they fight

Smokes 02-09-11 02:17 AM

New England Patriots vs. The Entire Ruinous Powers
1Trillion Hormagaunts vs. 1 Battlecruiser with two weeks worth of ammo
Eisenhorn vs. Ravenor vs. Tyrus vs. Lichtenstein
Hereticus Tennebrae (Tyrant Star) vs. Hive Fleet

ThatOtherGuy 02-09-11 03:44 AM

Baron Spikey vs Child of the Emperor

money is on Baron... guessing for kung fu skills

Akatsuki13 02-09-11 03:51 AM


Originally Posted by ThatOtherGuy (Post 872905)
Baron Spikey vs Child of the Emperor

YES!!!:yahoo: The ultimate Heresy-Online battle! And a battle as truly awesome as Horus vs the Emperor! Who cares who wins! It will be epic either way.

BlackGuard 02-09-11 03:57 AM

Skarbrand Vs. Kharn

Warmaster Macaroth Vs. Warmaster Slaydo

Esienhorn Vs. Ravenor

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