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Azzagorn 02-02-11 09:11 PM

Heavy Weapons/Surport
Having been given a Razorback I was wonder what people would recommend in ways of arming it for a game? I'm tempted with the LC, but I dont want to rush this decsion.

Also My tactical SM need some refining rocket lauchers or heavy bolters or lascannon? Advice people?


SGMAlice 02-02-11 09:30 PM

RB aramament depends on what you are facing. Swarm will be TL HF, Armor will be TL LC, MEQ will be Las/Plas or AssCannon. Use your own judgement for that choice.

Tac's are probably best with ML and Flamer. But again it depends on the composition of the enemy force.


jaws900 02-03-11 07:58 AM

personly i feel that HB, Las and Las/Plas and assault are the types that can be ran depending on what you want to use it for and your oppoent. Las/Plas is good agian light armoured enemys like Orks, Dark Eldar who normaly have poor armour on most transports etc. Las is great for the heavy stuff like Vindicators, Landraiders etc (anyhting AV12+). Assault is your generic one and personyl i feel the bests as it can do anything (even Pen Landraiders) and the HB's are only there is you can't afford the others.

Lord Sven Kittyclaw 02-03-11 08:01 AM

My Tac squads run plasma cannons as their heavy choice, as they are cheaper for tacs than Devs, and I love plasma. For a razor, like Alice said, it depends, do you have anti-tank covered elsewhere in your list? Then maybe you want more shot output, so basic heavy bolters, or asscannon could be the way to go. Are you lacking anti-tank? Then Las/plas or TLLC might be the way to go.

Fallen 02-03-11 08:51 AM

if your never gonna swap it out id say go with the Assault cannon, other than that i think the regular TLHB is just fine, besides its basically a rhino and rhinos dont last THAT long.

although the rare "It-just-wont-die" rhino does exist...it will never be the one(s) you want.

Marshal Ragnar 02-03-11 02:14 PM

I play a mainly armored Sm gunline and usually take a mix of either LC or las-plas with a few asscans. And then I run like 4, 5-man squads with a combi-flame(for those retarded nids that pop my ride) and spend the rest of the points on elite and heavy support. Ive placed in several tourny's this way. If you want a list that i use just pm me and ill send one

Lucio 02-04-11 12:07 PM

I might be missing something but the little DA icon suggests he isn't going to have access to las/plas or assault cannon razorbacks. Its either the heavy bolter or lascannons. I'd go with the heavy bolters unless you really need another anti-tank weapon. AV11 is fairly fragile for a 30 pt upgrade but if you plan on it hanging out in the backfield with other bigger threats, laspreds for example, it could be worthwhile. If you are playing DA you could also put a 5 man melta suicide squad in there.

If your not playing DA I hear wonderful things about assault cannons quite a bit...

I'd assign heavy weapons for the tacs by role you expect them to fulfill. If you have one that you plan on sitting on the backfield objective the missile launcher is king for versatility and range. I honestly, wouldn't put heavy weapons on squads that will be moving forward, unless you plan on combat squadding them. Plasma cannons are great for what they do and put a serious dent in teq forces assuming they don't scatter or blow up in your face.

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