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Azzagorn 01-28-11 06:37 PM

Charity begins at... work!
Now for some pretty cool news from my end of the warp!

I was having a conversation with on of the nurses at work about my hobbies whilst I was ready 'Fulgrim' on my break. She told me that her eldest son used to do the hobby but 'grew out' of it. Now normally i'd of taken slight offence at this but then she said these magic words:

"I've got un-opened boxes for the science fiction ones at home would you like them?" I of course said, "of course what would you want for them?" Then the next bit of awesomeness was she wanted nothing!!!!!!!!!

The next day I was presented with a MKIII Razorback and a squad of scouts! which nicely boosts my army for no money! and now she is going to give me more of them when she gets the chance to bring them in.

Oh.... There is also the face she has a carry case full of SM's hopefully I'll have a massive army to 'repaint' to my colour scheme!


Svartmetall 01-28-11 06:43 PM

posting from work

Same happened to me - a mate of mine here at my soon-to-be-over job gave me roughly the same 'box of something weird in the attic' line, and than brought in what turned out to be a Space Crusade box with a ton of the vintage SC figures and also four SC dreadnoughts :biggrin:

Uber Ork 01-28-11 06:47 PM

Dude! That's amazing! I always wonder when driving by a garage sale or estate sale sign if I'll stumble onto a hidden cache of 40K goodness with people who are highly motivated to get rid of that "junk."

Hasn't happened yet... but one of these days! :biggrin:

Midge913 01-28-11 06:52 PM

I keep my fingers crossed that the same will happen to me.... The best I usually get is a good bits bin find at the FLGS.

coke123 01-28-11 07:00 PM

I recently turned up at a mate's place, and another of my friends just gave me his 2.5-3k Space Marine army. Turned out he was moving, and didn't really want to have to deal with his Tau or Marines (the Tau went to another friend).

search116 01-28-11 07:09 PM

I had the same thing except it was at school and he wanted a dollar for it.

Doelago 01-28-11 08:11 PM

:shok: [Crosses fingers] May the same thing happen to me...

yanlou 01-28-11 08:17 PM

Something similar happened to me last year, my brothers mate had some stuff that he had stored away not seen the light of day for a good few years, well he gave me them for free, searched through the salvageable stuff, got 2 chaos marine tac squads, plague marine squad, landraider, rhino, 3 oblits, 1 classic 2 current ones and a hell of alot of spares. nice boost to my army lol.

MidnightSun 01-28-11 09:10 PM

317 Attachment(s)
1500pts+ of Guard, well painted, some Dark Angels (Ten of the old Terminators, they're so small!), 1500pts+ Chaos Space Marines, fairly painted, four Necron Warriors with Catachan heads on 'em, Tau battleforce, built and painted, the 2nd Ed. starter box, painted, Cityfight board.

Best Christmas present EVER.


Kreuger 01-28-11 09:23 PM

Heh, I've had this happen both ways.

Once when visiting this antiques 'mall' [building with old people selling lots of their old stuff in little stalls], an older guy had a mound of old file boxes full of gaming miniatures, mostly 40k some warhammer and some other games. I picked up a large size miniature case, mounted fantasy lord of nurgle, part of an unpainted undead army, chaos chariot, and several blisters of nurglings for 30 us dollars.

And I also have a standing offer of a used tyranid army from my friend's attic. But I haven't had the time to pick it up and either repaint or sell it. I can't even pretend to keep up with my own miniature projects. I have Chaos projects stretching back several years on my desk now. =/

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