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SnowWolf2150 02-15-07 09:13 PM

Leman Russ
I don't know if this is the right section but...

Since there is a Leman Russ Primarch Model, along with his two wolves, does that mean there were special rules for him at one time? Or is it just a random model that was made?


Antioch 02-15-07 10:46 PM

As far as I know, I don't think there are any special rules for him. Primarchs certainly don't belong in the 40k scale. Much the same with C'tan and other big nasty things.

SnowWolf2150 02-15-07 11:15 PM

Ok, was there any reason the model was made then?

uberschveinen 02-15-07 11:50 PM

It's hardly what I'd call a deserving model of Leman Russ, much like all the other Primarchs that have been made into actual models since. That's why they stopped making them, because they were crap.

Anphicar 02-16-07 12:03 AM

Re: oh

Originally Posted by SnowWolf2150
Ok, was there any reason the model was made then?

Perhaps to give (or attempt to) a face to a name.

Galahad 02-16-07 12:17 AM

what model, where?

Antioch 02-16-07 12:30 AM


First thing I could find, bad picture, I know.

SnowWolf2150 02-16-07 01:54 AM

Thats not his model, I'll try to send a pic once he comes in from Mail Order along with his wolves. But anyway... just curious...

Galahad 02-16-07 02:45 AM

I don;t remember seeing him advertised on the GW site, anyone got a link?

Wrath of Khaine 02-16-07 04:06 AM

The Leman Russ model was rogue trader-era and terribly bad. He looks like he is doing the hokey pokey and faintly marine-like. That is because he was created as Sergeant Russ, a basic character. As the fluff compendium were released and the game progressed, he grew into the primarch of the SW. He then became this super-human myth after he was just supposed to be the progenitor leader.
So, the model is terrible and looks like a very very shitty Ragnar Blackmane. It was never meant to be the russ we know and love.
There HAD to be some type of rules for him, but nothing like what you'd want or think.


NOTE: You might be able to Google him or see him in bits order catalogues or GWs archaic model online store section.

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