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Jezlad 01-22-11 05:56 PM

Unanswered Posts Link

I've added an unanswered posts link to the navigation bar. You'll find it just above the new posts area.

This link finds and returns a list of every thread you have access to without any replies.

Obviously there's no obligation to use it but I hope some of the members will do so to improve the experience of others. In an ideal world every thread should be answered.

Unanswered Posts

WinZip 01-22-11 06:05 PM

Nice idea Jezlad, I try to find uncommented threads when I get on so the new link on the nav bar is great. Just found JAMOBS BA plog that way and dropped a post on it. :victory:
Again, nice thinking.

Djinn24 01-22-11 06:28 PM

Very nice.

Svartmetall 01-22-11 07:29 PM

posting from work

I posted a reply in Scathainn's excellent Codex Chaos Guard thread (which I'd missed, so good call on this one Jez), but with a reply now there's it's still showing in the 'Unanswered' list...

EDIT: nm, it's gone now.

Doelago 01-23-11 01:38 PM

Nice idea! :)

Ultra111 01-25-11 12:14 PM

Already using this, great idea.

Midge913 01-25-11 02:04 PM

I am with everyone else! This is a fantastic idea!

Shogun_Nate 01-26-11 12:18 AM

Excellent idea I say. No one likes to have their post/work viewed umpteen bazillion times with no response heh heh heh. It will make my job easier as I have a tendency to start with posts that have no replies and work my way from there. Hopefully this will see less orphaned posts!

Good luck and good gaming,


Jezlad 01-27-11 09:27 PM

Awesome job so far guys.

This seems to have worked out really well as theres been very few unanswered posts since I added this.

Infact, the unanswered posts dates are going further back as the latest ones are answered.

Djinn24 01-27-11 09:37 PM

I have not been answering a ton of the older ones but try to get a couple, esp painting and project logs.

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