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Scathainn 01-20-11 08:17 PM

Codex: Chaos Guard, Round II
Some of you may have seen my original Codex: Chaos Guard WIP. I'm posting it here as well for a few reasons.

1. It's been cleaned up and clarified a little bit.

2. It was in the wrong section in the first place so maybe here it can get some more feedback.

3. It's sort of a bump in a way :grin:

So, here we go. I give to you the WIP Codex: Chaos Guard. I'd love feedback on the fruits of my labour, and I'd love playtests even more (hint hint: +rep if you playtest....:victory:).


Army-Wide Rules:

Forward, you swine!: As long as the model with this ability is still alive, it may choose to inflict d3 weapon wounds on his unit to allow them to reroll a Leadership test. The second result must be taken regardless of the result, and the model may never allocate wounds to himself.

Vehicular Marks of Chaos: All vehicles in a Chaos Guard army (with the exception of Valkyries/Vendettas and Sentinels) may select vehicular marks of Chaos as described below:

Prayers to Chaos: Any unit that contains an Icon or Marks of Chaos special rule may take a Leadership test at the beginning of the Shooting Phase instead of shooting to attempt to gain the benefit of a specific prayer. Up to three prayers may be attempted for the entire army in one turn. If a double 1 is rolled for the prayer test, the prayer is counted as "free" and does not expend a use of prayer; if a double 6 is rolled, the prayer fails disastrously as described by the individual prayer entry. The prayers they are available depend on the Icon or Mark the unit contains:

Warhost Dedication: If the entire army contains identical marks, vehicle marks, and Icons of Chaos, the Chaos God they dedicated themselves to smiles upon the army. In such circumstances, a single unit in the army may be given the Advisor special rule, which causes the unit to not take up a FOC slot.





Fast Attack:

Heavy Support:

Cheers :victory:

Svartmetall 01-22-11 07:18 PM

posting from work

Can't believe I missed this one (life has been stupidly busy for months, now)...+rep for the amount of effort you've put in, and fascinating reading. I wonder if some of the vehicle Marks may be a tad too powerful, though; I'd restrict the range to 12" rather than 18".

Warhost Dedication is a great idea, in particular...

Scathainn 01-23-11 01:15 AM

Cheers mate, any and all comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated :victory:

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