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Meldon 01-06-11 01:34 PM

Ultramarines 3:d company
Hiya, this will be my first attempt for a plog. In this first post I thought I should showcase what I got so far as I have been building on this force for about 2 years now. (Im a slow painter :P) If the uppdates get a bit thin that will probably just mean I got tired of painting blue, but I always come back to the guys in blue in some way :)

I have been playing and collecting in this hobby for some 10 years now and I have finally managed to stick to and army and paint up a playable force with it to. When I started this force I decided not to rush anything and let it take the time it takes. Im gonna follow Codex Astartes as much as I can to. So all the squads have the right markings and stuff. And if I can buy and include FW stuff I buy it :) Someday in the future a thunderhawk will be added!

A pic of the force as it stands right now.

I thought I would show you all the infantry in this uppdate. allthough I havent got the hang of taking a good pic of them yet. Will have to work on that I think. Well, on to the tacticals and the assault squads.

This was my first ever tac squad. I think it came out quite well. The reason they shine a bit is becouse they have been varnished with a gloss varnish. Not many in the force are coated in it becouse I move on to a matt varnish soon after.

Tac squad nr 2.

Assault squad. This one took forever to asemble and paint. I got really really bored of painting blue when doing these guys so I just had to do something else. I ended up buying a box of beastmen as the new rulebook for warhammer was realesed at the time :P Anyway, after a few weeks of pinting brown I got back to these guys and finished them.

Sqout squad. These guys where the first to be painted for the force. I hate doing eyes. They always end up looking completly retarded so thats why only the sarge have pupils :P

On to the elites then.

My sternguard where also one of the first units to be painted. As I hate to use metal models they dont see to much action though

Assault terminators. I really like how these guys turned out :)

My first version of Captain Mikael Fabian. I dont really like this one. His head dident come out very well... I also tried to make a red sword with red lightning, but there is not enough contrast between the sword and the lightning so you only see it if you look very closely.

Version 2.0 Much beter this time around. And I think I pulled of the lightning in a much better way. This pic dont do it justice though :(

Well. this turned out to be a monster post. Dont expect to se many more of these :P

C&C are very welcome :)

lastdaysofhumanity 01-06-11 01:56 PM

Nice clean painting, well done!

If you don't like the gloss shine on your tac squad, putting a thin coat of matte over it should cut down the shine quite a bit.

Any chance of some closeups on the tanks?

Meldon 01-06-11 02:15 PM

Thanks. :biggrin:

The only reason I havent recoated the squads is becouse Im to lazy to do it :P

The tanks will come hopefully tomorrow. Its a bit dark to take pics now and I dont have a light thats good enough.

MaidenManiac 01-06-11 03:24 PM

Heya mate:biggrin:

Great to see you get a plog going, something I should defo do too, must shape up on the painting....

Having seen this stuff IRL a whole bunch of times I agree that the pics aint doing the stuff justice. I think there is some photo tut around here, yea:

Asamodai 01-06-11 03:41 PM

They look good. Very clean. The only little thing I noticed is the helmet on the second tactical squad sergeant looks flat.

Bane_of_Kings 01-06-11 03:45 PM

Hey, nice work painting :). Shame there might not be any more.

And I thought there was very few people here who liked Ultramarines.

Meldon 01-06-11 04:33 PM


Originally Posted by Asamodai (Post 838407)
They look good. Very clean. The only little thing I noticed is the helmet on the second tactical squad sergeant looks flat.

That was the first time i tried to paint red in that way. After that I learned that adding a bit of orange to the edges really helps :)

Meldon 01-07-11 04:00 PM

Well, I told you I should post a few close shots on my tanks today, but the camera I use went crazy and it wont show any f the pic I took. Im gona try to borrow a new camera someday here but it might take a while though :(

Alexious 01-08-11 11:29 AM


Very nice work, nice to see you have done the codex almost perfectly as well. Rarely do I see vet sgt terminator helmet markings done correctly. Well done.

Also nice to see somebody else with a clean style of painting instead of constant weathering. I find the entire weathering issue very tiresome over a force and I love to see nice crisp bold colors as if they have stepped out of WD circa early 90's.

The only comment I will make is the red use of accent on the tabards and so on. Its nice and it fits 3rd company to the letter. However it does look flat... some washing and letting the darker color pool so they are not so flat, may help you out.

Rep sir... ++

Marneus Calgar 01-08-11 03:01 PM

Very nice stuff! I especially like the Commander! +Rep

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