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KingOfCheese 12-31-10 02:36 AM

New Years Resolutions
What are your new years resolutions for the following categories?

Hobby: (starting or finishing an army, etc)
Career: (work, business, education, etc)
Financial: (getting out of debt, buying a house, etc)
Personal: (losing weight, quitting smoking, etc)
Love: (getting a gf, engaged, married, divorced, etc)
Other: (other hobbies, goals, etc)


Hobby: Finish assembling my IG and get my Orks painted.
Career: Starting a small business while still working my current job.
Financial: Buying a house.
Personal: Happy with my weight, but would like to get fitter.
Love: Whatever happens happens.
Other: Try and get one of my project-cars going.

normtheunsavoury 12-31-10 03:03 AM

Hobby: To actually get organised and finish what I've started, if that works out, start a Dark Eldar army.
Career: To find some part time work once things have settled down, it's been a pretty shit year all in all.
Financial: Have enough money to buy the stuff I want (See part time job above)
Personal: quit smoking, lose some weight and sort out my diet, Dr's orders!
Love: Renew my wedding vows in the summer
Other: Track down Ainsley Harriot and slap him

Blackhiker 12-31-10 03:05 AM

Hobby: Finish painting the majority of my armies :laugh:
Career: Graduate college. And get my weight down to join the US Navy :training:
Financial: Start paying off student loans :shok:
Personal: Get into regulation conditions. :training:
Love: Try to find some time maybe :)
Other: Finish cataloging my library :shok:

FlowAndEbb 12-31-10 03:15 AM

New Year's resolutions are pathetic and never work but here goes I guess.

Hobby: Finish painting my very first army.
Career: Get good on my upcoming exams (90 or so) :P
Financial: Getting all my Warhammer money back
Personal: Ummm. Getting that damn starting spot on my basketball team.
Love: Going with the flow.
Other: Meh.

Flindo 12-31-10 03:31 AM

Hobby: finish painting my lizardmen and skaven
Career: get a job
Financial: I really dont have to worry about that right now lol.
Personal: eh?
Love: spending time with my girlfriend :)
Other: watching more anime!

Doelago 12-31-10 08:02 AM

Hobby: Completing the "Army Painting Challenge".
Career: Getting a summer job.
Financial: Buying an army...
Personal: Dunno....
Love: Whatever happens...
Other: Time to start kicking ass in the SWAT playlist in Halo: Reach...

gen.ahab 12-31-10 08:36 AM

13 Attachment(s)
Hobby: Finish my Dwarf army and my TWC list

Career: Full time student.

Financial: I am going to med school, I have learned to accept that for the next decade I will be in a continual state of financial ruin.

Personal: Get into better shape, getting my six pack back would be wonderful.

Love: Find a GF..... or at least an attractive woman who wants to have sex on a regular basis (I am a man of simple needs).

Other: Keep a 4.0 I guess.

Raizer Sabre 12-31-10 08:42 AM

Hobby: Get better with bass and join a band and start on my Lizardman army
Career: Get a new job lol
Financial: try to stop spending too much :P
Personal: Dunno really
Love: Keep my GF as long as possible really lol. Then again thats the nature of a relationship and not just a New Year resolution lol
Other: None really

bishop5 12-31-10 10:52 AM

Hobby: Finally 'finish' my Guard to about 2k points painted
Career: Get a decent job
Financial: Wipe out some of my debt
Personal: Complete a new years resolution
Love: myself... mmm... me
Other: Grow a beard worthy of metal

SGMAlice 12-31-10 12:30 PM

Hobby: Get any of my armies finished. They are all in various states of unfinishedness.
Career: I'm good here.
Financial: Here too.
Personal: Learn more, Can never Know enough.
Love: More, more, more! Can anyone say: Nympho XD
Other: A few PC's that need finishing touches to them.


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