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Cocakoala 12-21-10 04:50 PM


Originally Posted by MidnightSun (Post 824707)
Would you rather be deep in the heart of the jungle, alone, with a Lictor somewhere in the foliage, or be stuck in a huge factory listening to the sound of a Genestealer scuttling through the ventilation shafts?

In a factory with a Genestealer, more chance of survival then cos you can hear it, you have more chance of finding a weapon and it would be quicker to find a way out.

And I would rather lead a chaos warband, a Slaanesh one :wink:

Karnax 12-21-10 05:05 PM

I would have the genestealer geneseed thing, and then I would go join my buddy in the factory, where we would gang up on Cocakoala.:grin: I would rather lead an Ork WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!, as even if you defeat it, the spores that stay behind will kill you.

Where would you rather be;
On a planet right by the Eye of Terror
On a planet in the way of a Hive Fleet?

MidnightSun 12-21-10 05:10 PM

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In the way of the Hive Fleet, with Tyranids there's a small chance of them moving away. The Eye, that's never going to move away. It's there to stay!

I think I'd go for the Genestealer impregnation as well. Now there's three of us, that's us a small cult right there!
Factory 'Stealer: Patriarch
Karnax: Purestrain Genestealer
Me: Brood Brother Acolyte


Karnax 12-21-10 06:32 PM

Cocakoala: Lunch:biggrin:

MidnightSun 12-21-10 06:57 PM

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Alsojames 12-21-10 07:07 PM

Would you rather work under the command of a Commissar or an Archon on a bad day?

mynameisgrax 12-21-10 07:58 PM

Eldar bad days tend to be a lot worse than Imperial Guard bad days, so I'm going to have to go with 'Commissar'.

I'd rather be in charge of a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH than a Chaos War Band, as my Orky pride is too great for anything else.

I'd rather be by the Eye of Terror. I mean, there are Imperial planets near that thing anyway, right (if I have my fluff right)?

Now who would you rather go on a romantic blind date with: a Daemonette, or a Wych?

Karnax 12-21-10 08:01 PM

Wych, daemonette would kill you, wych would have some fun first, (probably).

MidnightSun 12-21-10 08:12 PM

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A Wych, you can persuade her not to hurt you.. too much :biggrin:. And I'm not a fan of crab-claws. Would you rather be in the secure, fortified basement of an Imperial base, now overrun by Nurgle Plague zombies (You have about a week's worth of food and water, and an Autogun with 15 full magazines) or be stuck on a space hulk infested with Genestealers (Recurring theme of 'Stealers because they're so awesome)?


RIVALBLACKWELL 12-21-10 08:19 PM

If the Haemonculus is hot then...

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