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Hespithe 03-27-08 01:12 PM

Who are the people in your neighborhood!
...in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, oh! Who are the people in your neighborhood? The people that you meet each day!

Mr. Rogers is scary. :biggrin:

If you haven't guessed, this is the place to talk about your neighborhood gaming scene. We have members from all over the world, and while many post interesting tidbits in their intro threads, we really do not get a good glimpse of what the hobby may be like in their neck of the woods.

I'm from Texas in the US. In my area, we have gamers ranging from their teens to a few senior citizens. Most of our gaming community is relaxed, though we have our WAAC gamers as well. The larger cities are a bit more competitive and often hold RT tourneys that don't restrict much of anything, so Storm of Chaos and other lists are permitted, not restricted. WHFB has a slight larger following than 40K, and the Fanatic games, as well as those from other games companies are seen regularly. We have our gamers, and our hobbyists, and love to throw down in tourneys, where appearance is usually a deciding factor in the overall scores. Comp and Sportsmanship are issues that are debated like clockwork, and never seem to be satisfactory. The larger cities have multiple GW's (I think 3 or 4 in the Dallas area, and a couple in Houston as well, though in SETX where I live there are only Indy Retailers. Most seem to be very nice and understanding of our needs as gamers. Our local shoppe does not offer discounts of any sort, but has a large room with 10 4x8 tables set aside for our use, and our club can fill them to the brim with terrain. Our local tourneys usually go for about 10-15 bucks per entry and the prize money is split into 2 or 3 places depending upon how many entrants arrive for it. I tend to prefer to run $5 tourneys so that more people can play, giving the younger group an opportunity to compete with the older set. The two youngest members (my son being one) have placed and won prize money, too!

Well that's my Southeast Texas neighborhood in a gamer's nutshell. How about yours!

....oh! Who are the people in your neighborhood....

Lord Sinkoran 04-02-08 04:13 PM

I live in malmesbury in southwest England my nearest GW is in the pit that is Swindon. we have gamers from as young as 10 to guys in their late 30's to mid 40's. most of the community are hardcore must win wankers. there are a select few guys that play for the fun of it but most of them use that as an excuse when they don't win. There seems to be more than 2-3 takes on some of the rules like line of sight; how you check it, what size a piece of terrain should be (some guy says it goes as high as 6), and how 40k combat works. The GW has two 6' by 4' tables both halfed so we have to battle on 3' by 4' tables. There are usually tourneys going on but I never seem to be around when they are statred. One of the staff there is extremely biased towards people he likes and you can easliy tell because he asks who is doing what before he makes his choice of what should happen. However the local gaming club the swindon dragons sounds to be awesome. you have to have an adult (18+) accopany you if you are below 18 years old i think there are 10 tables of various size and themes.

loyalist42 04-02-08 05:02 PM

i'm currently attending college in hiram, ohio. it's in the middle of freakin' nowhere...seriously, the closest 'town' is half an hour away. there isn't a hobby shop of any kind within 45 minutes of me, so i haven't gotten a single oppurtunity to game yet (with the exception of vassal). it sucks soooo much...the nearest GW is six hours away (actually one 6 hrs to the east in chicago, one 6 hrs. to the west in philiadelphia...). so, as far as i can tell, there isn't a gaming scene at all that i can easily access, especially considering the fact that i don't own a car, and my only friend who does 40k, though he does own a car, is still in high school....

hehe, sorry, rant over. :biggrin:

normtheunsavoury 04-03-08 01:13 PM

I hail from the woderful land of kent, its a dive!!!
I mostly play at home because my local GW is full of people who spit when they speak, looking for clubs is pretty tough when you're 30, most of the people i grew up gaming with have since left the hobby but my son and daughter are avid gamers now (and keep wooping me!!!)
any clubs in kent get in touch, and if anyone out there works at GW bluewater, calm down please you're scaring people away!!!!

pyroanarchist 04-03-08 09:38 PM

My gaming group is in and around Coshocton, Oh. It's definately a little out of the way town and we drive 45 minutes to the nearest indy store. Luckily, a few of us got into WH40k in high school and conviced more and more people to play as some of the older players moved or got out of the hobby. When we get together to play it can be anywhere between 2 and 10 or so people, averaging around 5. I've convinced 2 of my groups players to join here and they are Warmaster Faustus and Eldest_Exarch. We typically play weekly and just started getting together weekly for a painting day as well. We all love to get in some games with different players seeing as how we've played each other hundreds of times so we try to go to tourney's at the closest indy store when we can. Our group ages range from 13 (I think) to me, 24, being the oldest player, most around 18. When we play home games we have 2 boards and plenty of terrain to cover them both, so we have 2 bigger games or split the boards in half and can have 4 1000pts per side games going at once. We're all used to friendly play and patience as we have taught countless people how to play the game (always recruiting, lol). The closest indy shop holds 40k and WFB tourney's at about the same frequency so I assume they have a fairly even number of players in each, but it seems like there's a bit more 40k players than fantasy. We also make the runs to Columbus (1hr. 15min. drive) to visit the indy stores there quite a bit. They seem to have some supplies and paint that we can't get anywhere closer. I've never been to an actual GW store in my life, and I don't think anyone from the gaming group has either.

Thats mid-Ohio in a nutshell I guess. We're lucky we have such a large group of 40k nuts in one place and a place to go and play or we wouldn't stick with the hobby.

teplicuss 04-05-08 04:51 AM

new to the plauge
hello everyone,

i have seen the darkness! i am a die hard blood angels fan, however, just recently i have sworn my allegance to papa nurgal and his warm rotting gut.
soon i will be posting my army and would like some feed back when you get a chance.

Bogg 04-06-08 08:55 PM

Greetings from Oslo, Norway.

I started painting miniatures, using em as models when we played D&D , that is 18 years ago..my god..time flies.. but It wasnt until 8 more year had passed that me and my mates moved on playing warhammer Fantasy. I was working at a youth club at the time, and I made my own Warhammer coven, inside the club, getting even the rascals and "outcasts" to sit still and paint and chat. I ran that "club in club" for 3 more years, and had tons of Brettonian cavalry, archers and the works. I also had a Vampire count army, Beastmen and some High Elves...At some point I got worned out, It just got to much, I got sick of the job, game, the lots.. I hit a drought, which will happen if u overdo any activity.. So i started Warhammer 40K ,instead and sold my WHFB to my close mate (so I can still use it, I havnt tho) to fund my new passion...I went for TAU...then Necrons....then Chaos........then Nids.....and now Orks.....all armies painted and ready (Orks still in progress , I started them a month ago). We have a great game community with close mates, and the odd friend. We host games and tourney, which has gotten so good rep now, even the local Oslo GW staff fights to attend them , We are 6 really dedicated gamers who makes all the terrain aswell, creating Fixed tables of high quality, which are 3 pieces, who all can rotate so u can get alot of combinations..

I got a 3 year old kid, which I "share" with my Xgf a 50/50 deal. Im also lucky with my new girlfriend who fully understands my passion for this game.

32 years of age, and still playing with plastic men and Frikking proud of it too!

Stay sharp!

loyalist42 04-06-08 09:20 PM

nice pyro; i'll have to track y'all down someday....

pyroanarchist 04-06-08 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by loyalist42 (Post 90992)
nice pyro; i'll have to track y'all down someday....

Just a couple hours South of ya. I don't make it up North too much except for the occassional metal show at Peabody's in Cleveland. If you ever have a chance to come our way get ahold of me and maybe we can arrange something. We usually play on Saturdays. Worst case scenario, if my friends house isn't available to play at we can head for the comic shop and get a couple games in.

loyalist42 04-06-08 09:31 PM

awesome :biggrin:

actually, i've been to Peabody's myself...my dad's played a couple gigs there. and i've been to Coshocton, as well...field trip to the museum junior year with my world history class. it's actually quite a bit bigger than Hiram.....

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