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Dobson 12-01-10 11:25 AM

Name Your Imperial Guard Regiments!
I think it'll be great if we get a list of all the Imperial Guard Regiments people here use.

I'll start with my fledgling force.

4th Drenius Air Cavalry "The Iron Flight"

KingOfCheese 12-01-10 11:27 AM

At the moment...

The Baronian 9th Regiment

comrade 12-01-10 11:32 AM

Currently mine combined:

The 3rd Red Army Excursion Force

Samu3 12-01-10 11:35 AM

Name: Vostroyan 231st Regiment "Tau's Bane"
Motto: Firstborn, First to the the Fight
Battlecry: Ave Imperitor, The FirstBorn Stand!

the-ad-man 12-01-10 12:59 PM

name: magrathean 42nd
motto: dont panic
battlecry: hit like a surprised sperm whale!

i love hitchhikers :P

fynn 12-01-10 01:14 PM

no formal reg name yet, but there known as Bad company, and no not after the game, but from the origional comic story as seen in 2000 A.D
(and im still trying to find a copy of there logo they used)

Capt.Al'rahhem 12-01-10 01:38 PM

Name- 3rd Thoth Armored Cavalry Regiment

Nickname- The N'go Bangles

jaws900 12-01-10 03:08 PM

Name - Catachan 146th devision
Nickname - The red Cobras
Moto - "Anyone without blood on there blade doesn't eat tonight"

The Thunder of KayVaan 12-01-10 03:40 PM

Name: Urban Foxes Infantry Regiment and Winter Wolves Armoured Regiment
Motto: If it isn't one of us, Eradicate it
Battlecry: "For the true birth of Humanity!"

Yllib Enaz 12-01-10 05:11 PM

26th Dominion Infantry Regiment
94th Fendahleen Armoured Regiment

Jezlad 12-01-10 06:30 PM

Rogers RuffNecks

(the boss was affectionately titled "Roger" after ripping a Chaos Lord a new arse in assault... 3 hits, 3 wounds - dead)

Brother Emund 12-01-10 06:33 PM

3rd Jirmania "Deathshead" Regiment

shas'o Thraka 12-01-10 06:46 PM

This has already been done several times....

IanC 12-01-10 07:11 PM

The Aurelia 301st

Formed by a merging of the Aurelia 105th and the Aurelia Drop Troop 49th during a long campaign.

(which is basically how I explain taking some of those oh so lovely FW Elysian Drop Troops :) Plus it helps fill in some fluff for my Veterans in a Vendetta)

Scathainn 12-01-10 08:38 PM

Blood of Ruin Division 428-6.

Khorne Guardsmen....

HOBO 12-01-10 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by shas'o Thraka (Post 803350)
This has already been done several times....

And shall continue unabated for years to come no doubt:biggrin:

Mine is the Jjojosi 7th Armoured Regiment, based in the Ultima Segmentum, and is split into its various Battlegroup, Naval Tactical Wing, and associated Companies/Squadrons etc.

chromedog 12-01-10 08:58 PM

Mine are the Nova Castria 99th Colonial Guard regiment.

Nova Castria is a mining world. They mine Unobtanium and Handwavium that is shipped to the Forge worlds to aid in the fabrication of Space marine and other PLOT armour.

CaptainWertze 12-02-10 10:23 AM

I'm still working on my fluff but currently my guard all fit into one of two regiments. My infantry all come from one and my armour from the second:

36th Patagan "NightHawks" - Col. Kriton
-Notable Companies:
--> A Company - Major Glade
--> B Company - Capt. Gazzala
--> E Company - Capt. Wertze (These guys are base of most of my army lists)
--> H Company - Capt. Gelding

23rd Patagan Armoured - Col. Schultzky

Basically they all hail from Planet Patagaz, a rich industrial world, which became largely corrupted by chaos, eventually forcing entire planet into civil war. The two regiments I use are ones who remained loyal to the Emperor and eventually prevailed. I haven't worked out much for the 23rd Armoured yet, but the 36th "NightHawks" are a merged Regiment of the 36th Patagan Mechanized and 116th Patagan Heavy Infantry and so comprise both mechanized and foot elements (yes I admit, just my excuse to put mech and foot guard in same regiment :P ). They are well equipped and well lead with high survival rates and so consist largely of veterans. All the models I use in my army lists are E or H company.

Stephen_Newman 12-02-10 10:36 AM

Mine are known as the 24th Oxo commandoes, AKA the Gravinators.

Luisjoey 12-03-10 08:03 PM

Venzarl Recius 77th

Venzarl is a system invented by me to make all my battles ;)

Khazaddum 12-03-10 09:16 PM

Mine are the 619th Flying Spears, "Hit Fast, Hit Hard"

CursedUNTILLDEATH 12-03-10 09:31 PM

The Valrain'tal 72th Eternity Wardens

They are a highly elite infantry unit favoring CC and defensive operations.
They come from Valrain’tal, which is a massive space station that houses the remanmit of the unit’s home world after it was destroyed by the Orks and Chaos. They have a high number of priests and Commissars in their unit to make sure they never fail in service to the Emperor and to the memory of their home world.

Aktar09 12-05-10 01:52 PM

37th Varnexian Armoured Regiment "The Eradicators"

Capt.Al'rahhem 12-05-10 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by Aktar09 (Post 808026)
37th Varnexian Armoured Regiment "The Eradicators"

Do you use allot of Leman Russ Eradicators in your army? 'Cause that'd be a pretty cool theme .

Bane_of_Kings 12-05-10 02:42 PM

Well, I don't collect guard, but the Imperial Guard to be featured in my story, "The Shadows", are the remnants of the 166th Steel Legion.

Warcry: In the Emperor's Name!

Edit: Here's the link, if you want to check it out.

Amoeba Bait 12-07-10 07:43 AM

I play the Cadian 224th, AKA: The Remanos City Guard

Niffty 12-07-10 09:43 AM

The Voltstan Corps 19th Regiment
Motto: Ashes to ashes, Death take it all

Chaos Undivided traitor guardsmen. Little armored transport, but supported with siege weapons. City fighters, terror experts and well trained in fighting in dangerous environments coming from an ash wastes Hive world.

Arkeoptrix 12-07-10 12:40 PM

I've been writing about an Imperial Guard regiment I made up called the Bastille Hive Smashers. Guys who are urban combat experts, trained in surveillance and dense industrial and city warfare specialists. Their home world Bastille is a massive hive complex of people that in my story is currently under siege by the Tyranids...

Corporal Chaos 12-07-10 10:32 PM

My long forgotten Regt. The 31st Irregulars. A rag tag bunch of misfits and malcontents that break the rules whenever they damn well please. A patch work of remenents of other armies that is pulled together by a strong willed Col. He has been known as The Duke. LOL... The fact that I have not fielded them in several years has me thinking that I need to bring them back to the fronts again.:read:

Cabochard 08-08-12 12:05 AM

Name: Irysian 36th Mechanised "Crimson Caps"
Motto: "Let's save this planet so the Templars can blow it up later!"
Battlecry: "For the honor of Irys!"
Notable Details: Attached to Marshal Brant of the Black Templars to thank him for saving Irys from a splinter of Hive Fleet Kraken. Paint their hats red to identify each other.

Fallen 08-08-12 02:17 AM

Name: Smilodon 16th PDFEF (Planetary Defense Force; Expeditionary Force) "The Renowned"

the PDFEF sent from the system capital of my DIY system home of my DIY Marines.

jaysen 08-08-12 02:26 AM

Western Infantry of the Millitis Perigons.

Antonius 08-08-12 07:57 AM

Cadian 9th Mechanized Infantry Rgt (formerly cadian 9th light infantry rgt until merger with 62nd Steel Legion)
Cadian 112th Armoured Rgt
These two form the Taskforce "Iron Storm" which is basically good enough justification to play a mech army :p. Led by Lord General Antonius, who rides the leman russ "Hammer of Retribution" because he's a fearless bastard who leads men from the front instead of being a pussy and hiding in a bunker or leviathan, of which I had made a homebrew datasheet just for lulz. Must say I can't stop saying mehtal bawkses when I play the army :p

Bloodwake189 03-31-13 11:45 PM

I am new to this but I'm making one and I'm thinking of calling it Fortis Bellatore's or Brave Warriors in Latin. Each of them are given a special Pair of tags, one reading their name rank and number, the other says "Reborn Unto Death"

Corporal Chaos 04-01-13 06:54 PM

Mine are the 31st Irregulars. Elements of all known guard units fill the ranks. These remenants are cobbled together to form the 31 Irregulars. Fits my collection well though I have a high presence of Tallarn Desert Raiders the core is still generic. Heavy infantry presence with some armor support. They have no home world to speak of and are always deployed and all seperate and abandoned/forgotted units are welcome to join. They are also known as the "Legionairs" as they have never served on any of their home worlds.

Haskanael 04-03-13 09:39 AM

all 23 Netherheim Regiments

curtislee 04-03-13 09:50 AM

These should all be added to the database.

Calistrasza 04-03-13 06:48 PM

Drop 3C, 97th Pyka Airborne

Deploying in a Valkyrie is the easiest way to get around on Pyka, a forge-world notable for the presence of the Apsida titan legion. The ash wastes are so thick that they bog down even super-heavy tracked and wheeled vehicles, walkers and flyers are among the only things that can get around. Almost all Pykan units are therefore airborne, with a few regiments raised going immediately to the Interior Watch, a non-Mechanicus PDF element parallel to the Skitarii of the forges.

The_Helghast 04-03-13 09:53 PM

Name: The Helghan Empire
regiment nick name: Visari's vanguard
allegiance: independent (they are evolved humans that hate humanity...therefore the imperium)
Motto: FOR HELGHAN! FOR THE EMPEROR!(Visari) shortly followed by the singing of Helghan forever.

also here's the link to the guard army data base http://imperialguardarmydatabase.hos.../Impguard.html

mines in there but WARNING! TL;DR imminent.

Archon Dan 04-04-13 01:05 AM

I don't yet play IG but have been working on the backstory of my regiment. I hope to post it soon in the home brew. But for now:
Avoxian 501st. Thinking an elite, rapid-strike force for them.

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