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tomcat912 07-17-14 07:26 PM

Mine at the moment is:

Name: The Beren Prime Boarders.

Moriouce 07-17-14 08:14 PM

A thought that lingers in the back of the head is the Valhalla 315th siege regiment know as the Steel Mammoths. Lots of artillery!

Iraqiel 07-18-14 05:00 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Mine is the Zazirian 809th, a battlegroup from a tribal/zulu system in the segmentum obscuris, who has a strong affiliation with both the Mechanicum and the Schola Progenium, and who are led by an exiled Cadian general.


Achaylus72 07-22-14 05:42 AM

Ro'Ko'Han 1,947th "Fighting Chaos Sea Eagles"

Motto: "Ro'Ko'Ha 1st. We owe no loyalty to the false emperor".

93rdSaphraDarkGuard 07-22-14 06:03 AM

93rd Saphra Armored Regiment

Immortal walrus 07-22-14 09:04 AM

Rygol 104th combined arms, made up of the remains of the Rygol PDF and the Rygol 28th armoured corps

don_mondo 07-23-14 03:15 PM

13th Arkiv'l Regiment
RT era models (ie from the Archives)

1st Lustrian Regiment
Yes, a Lizardman IG army, with poison arrow frog sentinels, turtle shell tanks and a stegadon basilisk.

demonictalkin56 08-09-14 08:10 PM

The Gallifreyan 42nd.
Combining my two favourite sci fi influences :)

Abbadon Blackwolf 01-09-18 09:03 PM

right now my custom made imperial gard regiment The 476th Auphusian Firstborn has implemented 18 other regiments and their leader is Lord General Arien Blackwolf because of her eyes and her blood thirst for revenge on the enemies of the God-Emperor.

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