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Fallen 08-08-12 02:17 AM

Name: Smilodon 16th PDFEF (Planetary Defense Force; Expeditionary Force) "The Renowned"

the PDFEF sent from the system capital of my DIY system home of my DIY Marines.

jaysen 08-08-12 02:26 AM

Western Infantry of the Millitis Perigons.

Antonius 08-08-12 07:57 AM

Cadian 9th Mechanized Infantry Rgt (formerly cadian 9th light infantry rgt until merger with 62nd Steel Legion)
Cadian 112th Armoured Rgt
These two form the Taskforce "Iron Storm" which is basically good enough justification to play a mech army :p. Led by Lord General Antonius, who rides the leman russ "Hammer of Retribution" because he's a fearless bastard who leads men from the front instead of being a pussy and hiding in a bunker or leviathan, of which I had made a homebrew datasheet just for lulz. Must say I can't stop saying mehtal bawkses when I play the army :p

Bloodwake189 03-31-13 11:45 PM

I am new to this but I'm making one and I'm thinking of calling it Fortis Bellatore's or Brave Warriors in Latin. Each of them are given a special Pair of tags, one reading their name rank and number, the other says "Reborn Unto Death"

Corporal Chaos 04-01-13 06:54 PM

Mine are the 31st Irregulars. Elements of all known guard units fill the ranks. These remenants are cobbled together to form the 31 Irregulars. Fits my collection well though I have a high presence of Tallarn Desert Raiders the core is still generic. Heavy infantry presence with some armor support. They have no home world to speak of and are always deployed and all seperate and abandoned/forgotted units are welcome to join. They are also known as the "Legionairs" as they have never served on any of their home worlds.

Haskanael 04-03-13 09:39 AM

all 23 Netherheim Regiments

curtislee 04-03-13 09:50 AM

These should all be added to the database.

Calistrasza 04-03-13 06:48 PM

Drop 3C, 97th Pyka Airborne

Deploying in a Valkyrie is the easiest way to get around on Pyka, a forge-world notable for the presence of the Apsida titan legion. The ash wastes are so thick that they bog down even super-heavy tracked and wheeled vehicles, walkers and flyers are among the only things that can get around. Almost all Pykan units are therefore airborne, with a few regiments raised going immediately to the Interior Watch, a non-Mechanicus PDF element parallel to the Skitarii of the forges.

The_Helghast 04-03-13 09:53 PM

Name: The Helghan Empire
regiment nick name: Visari's vanguard
allegiance: independent (they are evolved humans that hate humanity...therefore the imperium)
Motto: FOR HELGHAN! FOR THE EMPEROR!(Visari) shortly followed by the singing of Helghan forever.

also here's the link to the guard army data base http://imperialguardarmydatabase.hos.../Impguard.html

mines in there but WARNING! TL;DR imminent.

Archon Dan 04-04-13 01:05 AM

I don't yet play IG but have been working on the backstory of my regiment. I hope to post it soon in the home brew. But for now:
Avoxian 501st. Thinking an elite, rapid-strike force for them.

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