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Jezlad 12-01-10 06:30 PM

Rogers RuffNecks

(the boss was affectionately titled "Roger" after ripping a Chaos Lord a new arse in assault... 3 hits, 3 wounds - dead)

Brother Emund 12-01-10 06:33 PM

3rd Jirmania "Deathshead" Regiment

shas'o Thraka 12-01-10 06:46 PM

This has already been done several times....

IanC 12-01-10 07:11 PM

The Aurelia 301st

Formed by a merging of the Aurelia 105th and the Aurelia Drop Troop 49th during a long campaign.

(which is basically how I explain taking some of those oh so lovely FW Elysian Drop Troops :) Plus it helps fill in some fluff for my Veterans in a Vendetta)

Scathainn 12-01-10 08:38 PM

Blood of Ruin Division 428-6.

Khorne Guardsmen....

HOBO 12-01-10 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by shas'o Thraka (Post 803350)
This has already been done several times....

And shall continue unabated for years to come no doubt:biggrin:

Mine is the Jjojosi 7th Armoured Regiment, based in the Ultima Segmentum, and is split into its various Battlegroup, Naval Tactical Wing, and associated Companies/Squadrons etc.

chromedog 12-01-10 08:58 PM

Mine are the Nova Castria 99th Colonial Guard regiment.

Nova Castria is a mining world. They mine Unobtanium and Handwavium that is shipped to the Forge worlds to aid in the fabrication of Space marine and other PLOT armour.

CaptainWertze 12-02-10 10:23 AM

I'm still working on my fluff but currently my guard all fit into one of two regiments. My infantry all come from one and my armour from the second:

36th Patagan "NightHawks" - Col. Kriton
-Notable Companies:
--> A Company - Major Glade
--> B Company - Capt. Gazzala
--> E Company - Capt. Wertze (These guys are base of most of my army lists)
--> H Company - Capt. Gelding

23rd Patagan Armoured - Col. Schultzky

Basically they all hail from Planet Patagaz, a rich industrial world, which became largely corrupted by chaos, eventually forcing entire planet into civil war. The two regiments I use are ones who remained loyal to the Emperor and eventually prevailed. I haven't worked out much for the 23rd Armoured yet, but the 36th "NightHawks" are a merged Regiment of the 36th Patagan Mechanized and 116th Patagan Heavy Infantry and so comprise both mechanized and foot elements (yes I admit, just my excuse to put mech and foot guard in same regiment :P ). They are well equipped and well lead with high survival rates and so consist largely of veterans. All the models I use in my army lists are E or H company.

Stephen_Newman 12-02-10 10:36 AM

Mine are known as the 24th Oxo commandoes, AKA the Gravinators.

Luisjoey 12-03-10 08:03 PM

Venzarl Recius 77th

Venzarl is a system invented by me to make all my battles ;)

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