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kentner 11-24-10 02:37 AM

1000 pt Blood Angels
I am preparing for a four player game, 2v2, 1000 pt each. My partner is also Blood Angels, and our enemies will be a vanilla marine and a chaos marine army...

I will not know what my partner is fielding till game day... but here is my first go at the list:

HQ: Librarian (1#, 140 pts)
1 Librarian @ 140 pts (Blood Lance; Shield of Sanguinius; Jump Pack; Force Weapon; Infernus Pistol)

Elite: Sanguinary Priest (1#, 80 pts)
1 Sanguinary Priest @ 80 pts (Jump Pack; Melta Bombs)

Troops: Scout Squad (5#, 90 pts)
4 Scout (Camo Cloaks; Bolt Pistol x4; Sniper Rifle x4)
1 Sergeant (Camo Cloaks; Bolt Pistol; Sniper Rifle)

Troops: Assault Squad (10#, 255 pts)
9 Assault Squad (Jump Pack; Bolt Pistol x7; Chainsword x9; Infernus Pistol x2)
1 Sergeant (Jump Pack; Melta Bombs; Infernus Pistol x1; Power Weapon x1)

Troops: Death Company (5#, 205 pts)
1 Death Company (Jump Pack; Infernus Pistol; Power Weapon)
4 Death Company (Jump Pack; Bolt Pistol; Chainsword)

Heavy Support: Dreadnought (1#, 120 pts)
1 Dreadnought (Twin Linked Autocannon x2)

Fast Attack: Attack Bike Squad (1#, 50 pts)
1 Attack Bike Squad (Multi-Melta x1)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (1#, 60 pts)
1 Land Speeder Squadron (Heavy Bolter x2)

Total 1000pts

kentner 11-24-10 04:18 PM

For clarification, the librarian and priest will join the assault squad...

The scouts will secure an objective and provide ranged support...

Death Co will charge forward and just do what they do...

Biker will deal with any armor present, if none than character assassination...

Dreadnought will be long ranged attack against light vehicle and elites...

Skimmer will be mid/long range anti troop (6 heavy bolter rounds seems decent for 1000pt lists)

I could drop the death co and speeder for another full assault squad, not sure that would be better though, as I would gain four wounds but lose out on shooting

The Meddler 11-24-10 05:12 PM

If you are facing marines, I would swap 1 twin-linked autocannon on the dreadnought for a plasma cannon, autocannons won't do much against power armoured guys, and the plasma cannon will chew through all infantry (and vehicles are immune to Gets hot!).

As for the death comany and speeder or full assault squad, I would keep the death company and speeder, 6 str5 ap4 is nothing to sniff at, and the death company will be a huge distraction for the enemy, and at least draw some fire away.

Apart from that, nice list:).

kentner 11-24-10 05:33 PM

Good call with the plasma cannon! Thanks, will switch that out now...

Bhaal006 11-24-10 05:36 PM

i would drop the DC j-packs and use those points to buy them a R-back swap the HB for a HF, it wont cost you anything.

Drop the Infernus Pistols on the ASM in favor of MG's, drop Sgt's Infernus pistol an PW in favor of a PF, that'll drop the squad to 235 pts, take the MB off the sanguinary priest and that should net you enough points to buy a R-back with whatever you feel like taking

Librarian @ 140

Sanguinary Priest @ 75

Scout Snipers @ 90

ASM @ 235
-R-back @ 55-90

DC @ 130
-R-back @ 55

Rifleman Dread @ 120

MM Attack Bike @ 50

Landspeeder @ 60

total: 955-990 (depending on what you put on the R-back)

then you can put the MB's back if you like.

kentner 11-24-10 05:52 PM

If I am including a razorback with the assault marines, I am dropping their jump packs correct? And would then drop the packs for the librarian and the priest? Or can you still have a transport with the jump packs?

kentner 11-25-10 12:18 AM

I will drop the infernus pistols for the meltaguns, add the power fist...

but will keep the RAS as jump troops

And toying with the idea of a razor with laser and TL plasma rather than heavy flamer for the D.C.

Lord Pestilice 11-25-10 04:39 AM


Originally Posted by kentner (Post 797216)
If I am including a razorback with the assault marines, I am dropping their jump packs correct? And would then drop the packs for the librarian and the priest? Or can you still have a transport with the jump packs?

Nope, if the RAS takes a transport you take away the JP but get a 35 pt discount for said transport. BONUS!!

kentner 11-28-10 11:26 PM

Well, the game didn't go so well.... It ended up being an annihilation mission and the chaos marine was instead chaos demons...

The Scouts died quickly to bloodletters after taking out only two...

My dreadnought could not pop Marneus Calgar out of his rhino, died in close combat with a demon prince...

My razorback was popped within close proximity to a drop podded dread... they had to charge into drop pod, and where thus killed by the dread behind it...

My librarian got to blood lances off, taking two men each pass... then the skulltaker hit him and insta-killed him on a 4 to wound... It is annoying that we have only one eternal warrior.... oh well

My RAS did manage to kill one squad of blood letters and a regular squad of marines

The 6 shots from the skimmer did their job each turn, but the melta bike wasted his one shot the chaos walker by getting a one on the damage chart...

Oh well... back to the drawing board

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