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tu_shan82 11-23-10 03:51 PM

GW's December releases.
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Originally Posted by BrookM @ Dakka Dakka
Not a whole lot, but some new stuff, fresh from WD372.

For 40k two items: one a diorama of two snotlings examining a discarded shoota, the other a pack of thieving snotlings and a dead ork, with the snots doing all sorts of wacky things like taking a gak in a helmet and pulling teef from a skull.

Fantasy: two knights of the Blazing Sun conversion packs, all sculpted up by a new guy. There's a command pack with banner, horn, blinged out sword, heads and shields and there's a regular pack with five heads and five shields. As always, Knights of the Empire not included.

Other than that, a re-release of some big kits: Fortified manor for fantasy, for 40k the Fortress of Redemption, Imperial Strongpoint and Imperial Sector.

That's all folks!

Some pretty cool stuff by the look of it. I like the Knights of the Blazing Sun upgrade pack, and who knows if they sell well, GW might do some of the other famous knightly orders of the Empire. That would be freaking awesome and made of all kinds of win. I also like the grot going potty in the ork helmet. I reckon those grots and the fallen ork would make nice objective counters, or you could use the grots to boost the numbers in your grot mobs.

nightfish 11-23-10 04:21 PM

I like the Empire knights upgrade. Well done.

aquatic_foible 11-23-10 04:43 PM

Grots are aweome - especially the gun "vignette". Definitely a useful pack for all the Ork players out there...

The Knights upgrade pack seems like a sticking a plaster on a broken leg - the Empire Knights are in dire need of a more complete revamp, especially the horses [which don't appear to have changed in well over a decade!].

Doelago 11-23-10 05:35 PM

The Grots are awesome!

IanC 11-23-10 07:54 PM

I like the Grots packs. Might pick em up even though i'm not an Ork player :)

Brother Azeek 11-23-10 08:05 PM

Yea, they look pretty funny, deffinantly have a comical value to them

bitsandkits 11-23-10 08:20 PM

I will be buying some grots to go with my ork army.

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KingOfCheese 11-24-10 01:24 AM

Looks like i just found the perfect objective markers for my Orks. :)

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