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Whiskey 11-21-10 07:44 PM

Death Company and Chaplain
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Hi guys following my last post showing my Dante and Killa can etc. I finally got round to finishing my Blood Angels Chaplain and Death company. I used 5 normal assault marines and mixed them with the Death Company box. good thing with the Death Company box set is there is so many parts to use i have some left over that would be great for making Sanct priests/honor gaurd or vet sarges with etc.

I Tried to make the Chaplain have a good result but im not sure if i got it. I cant seem to get the armor finish right i need to learn/practice painting black armor more. my Death Company was rushed a little as i painted the first 6 all at once.

I am totally crap at painting black armor i tried a few ways on a single old model and it looked awful but i wanted them to look a little worn and a bit more shape then just gray lines all over the high edges of the black armor so i went for the drybrush approach. Bigger units and characters i like take a bit more time with. still have 4 more death company to paint and then another 10 when i get them open.

Hope you like them and they should look good on the table im sure.

Sorry didnt finish the bases but i have been working on my gaming board project. Link about that is below if interested.

Thank you for reading and any feedback or advice on painting Black armor is most welcome.

Midge913 11-21-10 07:46 PM

Looks great dude! Excellent work all around, especially like how deep your reds are! +rep

WinZip 11-21-10 07:49 PM

Excellent work whiskey! I love the chaplain.

bl0203 11-21-10 10:48 PM

Nice models you have there!! Quick question is the pistol arm on the Chappy come attached or did u glue it on. The reason why I ask is I was looking for a Chappy Model I can stick an Inferno Pistol on. Thanks :victory:

Whiskey 11-21-10 11:02 PM

you have to stick that one on so a conversion would be fine

Unforgiven302 11-22-10 01:18 AM

They look really nice. Get the bases done and they will look great! Have some +rep.

EDIT: Gotta spread the love first, so, here is a rep I.O.U.

Whiskey 11-22-10 08:18 AM

Thanks very much guys

Master of Sanctity 11-22-10 08:27 AM

Great looking work Whiskey, Doing those bases when you get the time will finish them off nicely!:)

Master WootWoot 11-22-10 09:51 AM

The chaplain looks around as good as a metal model can look without 'Eavy Metal or something involved. (They cheat, believe my words!)

Whiskey 04-15-11 02:48 PM

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Quick Pic of the AOBR Dreadnought was a fun model to paint.

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