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Swanger 11-19-10 02:00 AM

Second Try At Blood Angels, 500pts
Hello everyone, Im new to Heresy Online, and this is my second try at making a decent base for a Blood Angels army. Here goes:

Librarian 125pts
Sword of Sanguines, Might of Heroes

Assault Squad 5mods 125pts
Sgt. w PW

Assault Squad. 5mods. 180pts
Sgt. w PW
Razorback w TL Plas, Lascannon

Fast Attack
Land Speeder. 70pts

Total: 500pts
Libby goes with the first assault squad, swaps between Sword and Smite depending on the situation. 2nd assault squad advances to support. The landspeeder makes a nuisance of itself.

Izzleydill 11-19-10 03:01 AM

There isn't really anything wrong with it. Personally I would rather have assualt cannons on the razorback although

Lord Pestilice 11-19-10 04:14 AM

Eh, the Las/Plas gives him some flexibility to handle either infantry, light transports or even heavy armor.
With those last 25 pts, I would add another Assault marine and give the SGT melta bombs.

Kastle 11-19-10 04:47 AM

500 points is really rough, Especially for Blood angles.

The librarian is a sold choice for BA, but i would consider dropping might of heroes for blood lance, smite, or shield of sanguinius

I would consider either going jump jet or mech with your troops.

I have played both styles(jump angles and mech) i found that mech just survives a little better...but the jump jet versions when you field them look cooler in my opinion and are a bit more fun to play.

Swanger 11-19-10 11:55 PM

I took the Las/Plas as my main oppenents are MEQs. I like the combination of high Str low Ap shots. However an assault cannon is also versatile, and the # of shots is a bit better. Interesting.

Ill toss in another marine, and also some MB.

I agree with it being tough for BA at 500. Im actually going for a mix of mech and JP for diversity. At higher points I will probably pick one or the other. As for the psychic powers, I was thinking about smite as it compliments the bolt pistols, but the blood lance would better support the melta. What to choose?

Thanks for the help so far guys. :)

bl0203 11-20-10 04:08 AM

Not too shabby!! How about using the extra points to upgrade to the Typhoon Speeder w/HB. Very Versatile and mobile, move 12/deep strike and fire 2 krak missiles or fire two frag missiles and HB for horde. i've never been a fan of the Melta/HF set up but that"s just me.

As far as the razor goes I like the LC/Plasma version here its a little more durable with the two weapon systems. Good Luck

Swanger 11-20-10 06:26 AM

I had a bit of a points miscalculation and i ended up with exactly 500, instead of the 475 I had thought earlier.

Thanks. :) The TML and HB landspeeder isn't too bad of an idea. Good long range supporter, another interesting idea.

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