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Jezlad 11-16-10 12:32 PM

Tit Slug Released
Just a quick link that poses a question.



What does it say about our hobby and the gamer in general when companies release stuff like this?

Do people actually buy this shit?

They even positioned the tentacle so it looks like its about to shoot up her bunghole.

Svartmetall 11-16-10 12:35 PM

Wow...that's a giant resin facepalm right there.

KhainiteAssassin 11-16-10 12:36 PM

that thing is disturbing... the detail on the model though is quite something, though.

Arkeoptrix 11-16-10 12:38 PM

See, this is why following Slaneesh never pays off.

HelbrechtBT 11-16-10 12:39 PM

:shok: Cannot .......unsee. Well i guess if you felt like getting kick out of your FLGS you could use it as a really ...REALLY graphic rendition of a Slanesshi Deamon prince.
Who even other deamon princes think is creepy....
And whom noone wants to summon....

KhainiteAssassin 11-16-10 12:40 PM

that is why the Wolves of Commorragh will Devistate and eradicate ALL traces of Chaotic Influence, especially the abominations from slaanesh >.> lmao

Gaz Taylor 11-16-10 12:59 PM

umm... yes...

I'm guessing that there must be a market for things like this but it's not my cup of tea. I think it's the sort of thing the local gaming werido would buy to try and get people to make conversation with him (or lock himself in the toilet with all those boobs).:(

darktide 11-16-10 01:00 PM

Somebody has watched one too many Japanese Hentai movies.

KhainiteAssassin 11-16-10 01:02 PM

you guys do notice that EVERYTHING is detailed, including a small slit where the womens vagina is right? definitely NOT a model for any kind of child friendly area, lest you wish to be labeled as a pervert by their parents.

Khorothis 11-16-10 01:05 PM

This lady here is less disturbing than the current Daemonettes if you ask me. This is just your average motherly titdaemon of Slaanesh. The nipples would need a great paintjob to look good though, right now they're a bit disappointing, considering the overall quality of the model.

Oh and heres an alternative they have for the Masque: http://kingdomdeath.com/#311873/Whit...ker-Conversion Pretty nice.

But seriously, from the looks of it, its a model for a horror-fantasy board game, so strictly speaking its not relevant to our hobby. Unless of course if you want to use it in your tabletop gaming, in which case I doubt you'll be able to play with it outside your own house. I wouldn't want to see it in my LGS either, not because I mind its presence (I could build a whole campaign around this model) but because if kids come in they'll be out of their minds and the LGS would be shut down for good. Though if I knew a guy who bought one of these I'd call sick fuck immediately, regardless of how much of a Slaanesh-fan I am. Theres a point you should not cross and you should know where it is.

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