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gothik 11-10-10 08:45 AM

star trek in the 40K universe
morning all, hope you are all having a good day whatver you re doing. anyway i have recently been watching re-runs on TV of the original Star Trek series and DS9 and i got to thinking this morning,with DS9 being so prominent near a worm hole what would happen if the Enterprise/enterprise A/Enterprise D/Voyager were flung into the 40K universe. how would a ship primarily of peace cope with the harsh realities of eternal war and if the crew were seduced by the gods which ones would they be seduced by.

i think personally that Kirk would be seduced by Slannesh, the guy loves himself a little too much.

Worf - Khorne, he is a Klingon after all.

Troi - Tzeentch she is a psyker albeit an empath but don't think that would bother the lord of change much.

anyway whats your thoughts on it this is just for a bit of fun

Imperious 11-10-10 01:49 PM

I think Kirk would remain loyal. He might break & bend the rules (kind of like the SM) but otherwise he is of "good character." Mirror universe Kirk is a whole different story...

Same with Warf, Troi, etc. All loyal IMO.

In fact if you recall one episode, Riker is tempted with omnipotence by Q, but refuses in the end.

LordWaffles 11-10-10 06:29 PM

Fandoms are like alcohol, don't mix them.

By comparing a character like Whorf to the god of blood and slaughter you are minimizing any and all other attributes the base character carries in favor of focusing on a more diminutive facet of him. Meanwhile, you are now taking the opinion of a gods choose and shoehorning someone into it. Mixing either of these traits destroys the richer environment they came from and does not lead to anything but jaded discussions involving mostly irrational opinions.

Ibrzu 11-10-10 06:41 PM

Already done. A good piece of fluff. You might enjoy if you ain't got nothing against /tg/ fluff.

gothik 11-10-10 11:33 PM

i did not mean to insult anyone, all i did was think of something that is a little light hearted if i have caused offense then i appologise

Amoeba Bait 11-11-10 12:33 AM

Now, I havent seen any Star Trek outside of the 2009 movie (New Mission: Rent Star Trek during School Holidays), but I can definatly see Spock as an Edlar Farseer.

SnoopyChicken 11-11-10 01:15 AM

Theyd all get fucked up for fraternising with/being xenos, unless they wound up in tau space, id imagine theyd get on well with tau

Master_Marius 11-11-10 04:49 PM

the star trek tecnology is more advanced. Better teleport system, desitegrator weapons. torpedos that can destroy a planet or a solar system... Ships that shoot with cloacking device on...

Brother Emund 11-11-10 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by Master_Marius (Post 783610)
the star trek tecnology is more advanced. Better teleport system, desitegrator weapons. torpedos that can destroy a planet or a solar system... Ships that shoot with cloacking device on...

What torpedo's are they? Never heard that one. Anyway, they are nothing compared to Lances and of course, your Inquisitors all-time fave... Virus Bombs.... Exterminatus!

I'm afraid the USS Enterprise would not last long against the ships of the Imperium, they are God-damned tree-hugging hippies compared to drug-crazed Mongul Exterminators!.
Although it is sleak, fast and reasonably well-armed, Imperial ships are tougher and have far more firepower. Also, the crew of the Enterprise would not last 2 seconds when a boarding torpedo arrives, rapidly followed by dozens of heavily-armed genetically-enhanced killing machines. Anyone that resisted would be executed on the spot!
Kirk could probably be used, but he needs lots of augmentics, if he wants to stand on the bridge and give orders.... and he has to lose that spray-on uniform, its very gay.
Sulu would be slotted... he looks xenos, kill him. Scottie just ain't Mechanicus... slot him too. Czeckov(?).. xenos.... slot him. Spock, possible Eldar.... torture for a long time, then slot. Bones... useful, we'll keep him. Uhura (?) long-legged black lady... not sure of origins so torture for a little bit and then... slot.
Rest of the crew... penal colony.

Later Enterprise: Keep Pichard because he is just awesome... "Make it so". Troy... keep her cos she's fit. Worf... xenos, slot. Data, he's interesting. Hand over to Mech, disect, experiment... slot.

Ship... hand over to the Mech.

DS9: Use for scrap or target practice. Torture the shapeshifter before slotting. Slot the Ferengi.

hailene 11-11-10 05:45 PM

They have torpedoes that destroyed suns in the movie Generations.

Also a modest fleet (only 20 ships) managed to destroy 30% of a planet's crust in an opening salvo in "The Die is Cast".

Boarding torpedoes would be tough. As Star Trek ships have shields that would deflect a boarding torpedo (unlike their void shield counterparts). You'd need to penetrate the shields first.

Which penetrating the shields may be difficult. Warhammer combat range seems to fall within the range of thousands of kilometers. Star Trek vessels have been known to fight at over 200,000 kilometers. And 40,000 kilometers was relatively close-quarters fighting.

And the acceleration difference is enormous as well. Per Rogue Trader, most Imperial ship's acceleration lies somewhere between 2-6 g's. Star Trek vessels go several hundred, at the least. In Star Trek:the Motion Picture the original Enterprise accelerates at no less than 3400 g's.

All in all, Star Trek tech is considerably more advanced than Imperial. But that's only to be expected since technology in the Warhammer universe is rather shaky. But that's just part of the setting.

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