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Galahad 03-21-08 03:15 PM

Versus Eldrad Ulthran

He's been effectively dead for quite a few years, but that hasn't stopped him from leading just about every Eldar army since the new Codex came out.

He has every power imaginable, can use them three at a time (or even multiple times per power), he can shrug off perils of the warp, make using your own powers infinitely harder...oh, and he can move half his army around after deployment. His 3+ save is invulnerable, and he has a choice of weapons to whoop your ass with (Either a power-staff that wounds on a 2+, or a Witchblade to use on vehicles to triple his Strength)

So...how do you deal with this deadly dead man?

Culler 03-21-08 03:21 PM

Well, he's got very few attacks in melee, so just like farseers or other shooty independent characters, he can be meleed to death. Getting to melee can be highly difficult through the rest of his enhanced army. He can also be instakilled fairly easily with his T4, though if he fortunes himself he'll be rerolling a 3+ invuln which equates to about a 87% chance to save.

The really dangerous thing about him IMO is the redeployment thing. If the eldar player uses few units, and deploys haf his army on each side of the field, he can usually redeploy everything to one side and then hit half your army with all of his. Completely screws with slow horde armies and frequently messes up shooting. Works even better when there's a big chunk of big terrain the the middle of the map.

Tau Chaotix 03-21-08 03:24 PM

i have no idea, but im sure a few shots from railheads will sort him out :)


Galahad 03-21-08 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by Tau Chaotix (Post 82486)
i have no idea, but im sure a few shots from railheads will sort him out :)


Come on, none of that :P
Every damned thread it's "Tau: Shoot it with railguns"
'Sides, what with being an IC, actually shooting him at all is going to be all but impossible. That's one reason why I went with a character...shooting him to death usually isn't an option.

Myself, I would fight fire with fire. I'll take their super-psyker down with my own super-psyker. Mephiston has an LD 10 hood to cock-block any attempt he makes at using his numerous fancy powers, meanwhile if you're daring, he's got a better chance of surviving those bloody runes of anyone. T5 and FNP means perils of the warp are annoying but not as threatening as they are for anyone else. Meanwhile, except maybe his wings, he doesn't need a lot of psychic tests to be insanely lethal and effective. Even without using his Force Weapon, he's got some wicked combat capability...granted, that 3+ invul save is a pain in the ass, but chances are Mephy can dish out the volume of attacks needed to cut him down

Revelations 03-21-08 04:06 PM

As Culler said, he is absolutely garbage in melee, against anything. He has a single attack (sure it's a nifty attack) and only does good supporting other troops. I can't think of a single unit in the game (even grots) that couldn't mop him up in melee combat.

As always, how to get there...

Or do you need to?

This guy supports other units, so most of the time I just end up ignoring him until the oppertunity arrives. He's really not a threat on his own whatsoever. And most of his powers augment units in certain ways; shooting, saves, etc. I end up trying to combat his powers in the opposite ways; CC the giuded shooters, ignore the fortuned squad for a round, etc.

But one thing I learned the hard way, Psychic Powers against Eldar, especially Eldrad, are pointless. Don't rely on them; even if you get the awsome Gift of Chaos off on him, it's better to load up on Anti-Psyker gear. And since you have BA, you have more than enough at your disposal to match him.

FarseerNo3 03-21-08 05:44 PM

how about a asassin

Sword Slasher 03-21-08 06:31 PM

How about multiple asassins

Culler 03-21-08 07:19 PM

A Callidus could take him out of scoring pretty easily and have a good shot at killing him, but all the other assassins would have to deal with the rest of the army before they got to him. A culexus could wreak havoc if it got close, but if you don't know what army your opponent is taking a culexus is not really going to be viable.

Absolute035 03-21-08 08:25 PM

Actually his rerollable 3+ invulnerable save will save 89% of the time. Obviously that means shooting railguns at him is about the dumbest thing you could do, aside from not being able to target him as an IC... if he's in a squad you'd just be killing guardians or whatever.

I've made plans that use Eldrad or equivalent farseer in a squad of Guardians with conceal warlock, and they would be fortuned. It's a 5+ rerollable cover save for the whole squad, saves 55% of the time. I'd beg my enemy to waste railgun shots on that.

Eldrad basically is garbage in melee but don't forget he has a pistol so he can charge with 3 witchblade attacks, or chuck the spear at vehicles for 9 strength.

Eldrad is a strong support guy, taking him out isn't very essential because he can't get anywhere fast. Unlike the other farseers, he doesn't have fleet, and putting him in a transport is a waste, so he'll always be footslogging it. And his powers have very limited range, guide and fortune are 6" so his mobility is low. There's better things to kill before you attack the farseer-supported heart of the Eldar army. But I can see how you would be annoyed at him if you usually rely on a lot of psychic powers.

Assassins... either way you attack, Eldrad should have his 3++ rerollable... maybe Vindicaire with the rounds that ignore invulnerable saves? But that's only 1 wound. What can i say, eldar are tricky.

pyroanarchist 03-21-08 10:39 PM

Eldrad is a pain, but I don't think he's worth targeting. I mean, yeah, I'll take a pot shot at him now and then when thats the squad that is easy to shoot at, but for the most part I ignore him and wait. Fight everything else and when the opportunity arises assault him. If that opportunity never arises don't worry about him. He does have a big effect on a game, but he seems to not be worth wasting a lot of firepower on. If I have a vindicator or defiler sitting back and doing nothing for a round I'll take a shot and that can have a good effect if the dice gods look favourably upon you, if not, oh well.

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