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Whizzwang 10-26-10 11:21 PM

The Cult of Nine
So, in an effort to make the local gamers embrace their hobby more, alongside the prgressive campaign we're havng where everyting MUST be painted and based to take part. They've added a "create your own character" contest.

Obviously the kiddies and morons are making "PHAT EPIC I PWN YOU BADASS KILLERS"

example: a sniper that deploys at the very end of deployment after everything else, has a 1d6 night sight rule, 2+ posion ap1 assault 3 gun that detinates whoever it kills and casues them to exlplode with a large blast at s5 ap3. oh, and he can pick out charcters.

Obviously he will be told NO!

I digress.

I really like the new Mandrake models, I think they'd be fantastic in a Tzeentch army with blue and pink flames.

So I had an idea. Not creating a character, but a unit.

I present "The Cult of Nine"

very basic fluff: the cult of nine have studied extensively of many prohibited texts, while they started human, prolonged exposure to chaos texts, warp entities and daemon kin have taken their toll. No longer truly human, not quite daemonic they have an obsessive fascination with the aspect of change and have used their knowledge to tap into the stream of time itself.

This extraordinary psychic precognition manifests itself in many ways.

WS:1 BS:1 S:2 T:2 W:2 I:9 A:1 Ld:9 Sv:3++

The Cult of Nine are scholars and scorcerers, nobody knows their true age, where they cam from, or how long they have been the twisted group of individuals they are today.

Years of psychic study and the pursuit of knowledge has left them puny examples of human life hence the terrible physical stat line.

The ability to control the warp itself provides them with a 3+ invulnerable save, bullets tunr to wisps of smoke near them, blades turn brittle and snap rather than slice through the Cult.

Special Rules:
Fearless, Psychic Precognition,

Psychic precognition: The Cult of Nine provides the controlling player with the following abilites.
Level 1: +1 / -1 to a single D6 roll
Level 2: re-roll a single D6
Level 3: before the dice are rolled for any event (hit, wound, save, morale etc) the cult of nine can force an auto pass or auto fail

Influencing time, probability and fate in this way is not without cost. Every time one of these abilities is used, the unit suffers wounds equal to the level of ability with no save whatsoever from any source at all.

On the surface they seem absurdly hard, however they are toughness 2, and if yuo start killing them you limit the abilities they can throw about.

I'm playing with a simpler less powerful idea where they can only use the +1/-1, one member still gets removed for using it but they have a nearer to human statline and a 5++ save.

TG1 10-29-10 01:05 PM

Thats cool. Really cool. Don't think it's to unbalanced either. I mean if they get shot or assaulted there doomed!!!

Rabid Gerbil 01-08-11 10:23 PM

The Rabid Gerbil likes this idea a lot. Having the chance at rerolling once or twice in a game seems just right.

As long as they remain "weak" in someway... as in vounerable to attack.

If you have the ability check out Warmachine rules for the proletorite (sorry can't spell it) They have these kind of figures that enhance others and might give you more ideas.

IDEA? To keep them fairly in play (an not safely hidden in cover in a corner) maybe their range of effect of friendly models needs to be kept to 12" ?

warsmith7752 01-09-11 09:32 AM

Why do you keep refering to yourself in the third person? I find it very annoying.

Anyway, I think the unit could be to strong if played right, so in tourneys that allow customs you would pwn, but in local games people will probably get bored of playing you because you win all the time.

Unless of course the people you are playing also have uber customs.

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