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SPYDeR13 10-16-10 12:22 AM

Large Chaos Marine & Ork armies for sale
I'm selling both of my armies, as it says in the title one is a CSM and the other is a Ork army.

3 Oblitirators (two put together and 1 in blister)
5 Possessed
57 Marines
5 Raptors
1 Sorc. lord
5 metal Terminators still in box
2 Defilers (1 painted & 1 not)
1 Raptor lord
1 Abaddon (all pieces not put together)
35 Berzerkers (some don't have arms put on but I do have the arms)
1 DP with wings
1 LR
1 Vindicator
1 metal Dreadnaught still in box
9 bikes (4 in box, 5 put together)
1 Sorc. Terminator lord
2 plastic Terminator lords
2 Spawn
5 plastic Terminators
5 plastic Terminatos with FW World Eater upgrades
1 Bloodthirster
10 Bloodletters
10 metal Daemonettes
1 Lord of change still in box
10 plastic wings from the possessed sprue
1 FW chaos etched brass
1 pair of FW World Eater LR doors
Thousand Sons upgrades (can make 10 Thousand sons)
Resign Bases
Spare sprues

2 Warbosses (both painted)
1 Big Meks (painted)
60 Boyz with 2 Nobz (half painted)
20 Grots with 2 Herders
2 Pain Boyz (1 painted 1 not)
5 Stormboyz (primed)
13 Nobz (painted)
1 Battlewagon (painted)
1 Trukk (painted)
6 Deff Koptas (3 put together 3 still on sprue)
3 Killa Kans
9 Bikes (4 primed 5 still on sprue)
4 Burna boyz with mek (assembled)
10 Boyz (still on sprue)
Assorted bitz

I would like to sell them as an army but I am open to offers. Message me about prices or any other questions. I will take take care off any shipping for purchases.

texcuda 10-18-10 07:08 AM

how much for the ork army?

Psycho_Tyco 10-18-10 08:23 AM

Interested in the 3 Obliterator's and is the vindicator undercoated/painted?

SPYDeR13 10-22-10 04:58 AM

The Vindi is painted...well not complete but there is paint on it. I'll try to get some pics up when I get some time

Psycho_Tyco 10-22-10 07:33 AM

That sounds good, if you could get some pic of the obliterator's that would be good also :)

by the way, how much would shipping be for the items to the United Kingdom?

and on the othe spare Sprues, do you have any special weapons? like flamer's, melta's etc... :)

necronic 10-23-10 10:51 PM

how much for the chaos army? like rough estimate?

BadFriction 12-28-10 04:11 PM

Sent you a PM!

xbangxaxrangx 05-11-11 09:14 PM

Hey just want to know if you haveany thing left from the chaos sorry if I'm late I just joined today and don't really know how to use it?

Medic Marine 05-20-11 12:38 PM

455 Attachment(s)
The possessed? do they have the wings attached? if not do you have the wings? Also Tactical and havoc bits?

wazgold 06-27-11 03:34 AM

do u have any of the orks left? please pm me i have two armies to trade
if interested skaven and beastman
large list thx.

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