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Amoeba Bait 10-14-10 07:37 AM

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers
Just having a look through the Witch Hunters Codex and realised that, compared to Imperial Guard Stormtroopers, Inquisitorial Stormtroopers are terrible.

Armed with the Hellgun, which pales in comparison to the Hot-Shot Lasgun and devoid of the Spec. Ops. rule, I find it strange that you would want to take them in the first place.

From a fluff perspective, you would expect the Inquisitorial Stormtroopers to be better armed, as they are the ones droping into the most dangerous of dangerous situations, daemons, rouge psykers etc.

What are your opinions?

Kale Hellas 10-14-10 07:43 AM

inquistorial stormtroopers are now outdated, new imperialguard codex means inquistorial stormtroopers are next to useless, just wait for the new codex or ask to use the imperial guard ones.

Winterous 10-14-10 07:59 AM

Or, if you're playing Witch Hunters, just use Sisters.
In a SoB army, they're a unit with a low minimum size, meaning they make a cheap objective holder.
In GK, they're kinda needed as they're just about your only source of Meltas.

HOBO 10-14-10 10:44 AM

The first 2 posts sum it up pretty well.. a pure DH army list that takes multiple IST Squads with 2 Meltas in a Rhino is more competitive than a pure GK list.

Fluff-wise they should be elite crack troops that kick arse, but sadly that's not the case due to the outdated Codex. In the new rumoured GK Codex they are supposedly
getting a buff...here's hoping.

As far as WH lists go I've never seen them used..not much point when you can field SOB's for not a whole lot more points, plus they don't earn you any Faith points so even more reason to not take them.

Nave Senrag 10-14-10 04:46 PM

Also keep in mind that inquisitorial Storm Troopers are primarily used to defend Imperial installations. They just might not have received the new weapons and training programs yet.

shaantitus 10-15-10 01:53 AM

Points wise they are considerably cheaper at the expense of their weapons,deep strike and special operations options. When i use them i will ask that the ap of the guard codex be used rather than the outdated dh/wh stats. Hobo is right regarding their use too. squads of 5 with 2 special weapons(meltas) in rhinos. Hopefully the new codex will make them viable.

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