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Viscount Vash 03-18-08 09:16 PM

Worst Model to assemble ever ?
What is the worst standard miniature you hve ever tried to assemble?

We have all had those moments when it just won't stick and your wife/cat/mother/dog looks at you funny as you curse the wretched thing and all other things Games Workshop to the Eye of Terror and back.......:ireful2:

Warped components, mismatched parts or just incredibly fiddly?

So is it the Conudrum of the Crusader or that So and So of a Spine Dragon............

mgtymouze 03-18-08 09:33 PM

The Dwarfs for fantasy are a nightmare to put together. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to split the body from shoulder to waist for assembly needs to be kicked in the nether regions.

foulacy 03-18-08 09:36 PM

greath thread haha.

Mine has got to be anything big and metal grrrrr i cant stand 'em, my newly made daemon prince has been the biggest pain in the gonads ever, with parts that didnt evan fit together, i had to do a hell of a lot of filing.

FarseerNo3 03-18-08 10:04 PM

the crusader

and old rhinos

Marneus Calgar 03-18-08 10:12 PM

Daemon prince, you just cant put it together.

Engelus 03-18-08 10:14 PM

quite honestly, the land raider crusader bits are the worst, however they are seconded by the landspeeder, that kit couldn't fit together even if it was fresh off the mold.

torealis 03-18-08 11:13 PM

yeah, i had to help a kid build a landspeeder the other day, it was my first as well. nasty bugger.

the LOTR dragon is a bit of a bitch. by reputation, the Screaming Skull Cat is the worst...

wetware 03-18-08 11:19 PM

2nd ed lictors were awful, but new gargoyles have got to be the worst.
Yeah... let's make them so that their wings are two separate pieces and go around the flying base. Genius idea!

Dirge Eterna 03-18-08 11:23 PM

Probably anything FW, simply because of resin dust. Gag!

Or if we're sticking to GW, it's a tie between the Demon Prince, Crusader, Old Carnifex, and current Hive Tyrant.


foulacy 03-18-08 11:30 PM

The nightbringer fucked me over to, it came, i loved it, then tried to make it and now i hate it. Was impossible to make it look right there was so much filing needed.

Ubiquitous 03-18-08 11:52 PM

It's gotta be my son of a whorus jump chaplain. He went together alright, until I got to the bolt pistol arm. The way the fraggin thing's made the shoulder plate would have to stick half an inch into the jump pack to fit. So I replaced it with a chainfist from my terminator sprue :biggrin:

Another bad one was that landspeeder I built. It looks alright now, but the thing too me hours to put together right :scare:

Casmiricus 03-19-08 12:25 AM

THe Lord Solar Macharius.

It took seventeen tries to get his cape to stay. SEVENTEEN TRIES! AND THAT'S JUST FOR THE CAP!

*Goes on ranting*

maxtangent 03-19-08 01:27 AM

Tyranid Gargoyles... WAY too much work for such an ugly model.
I also gave up trying to get the new WE dragon together.

loyalist42 03-19-08 01:28 AM

well, the worst experience i've had to date was with the techmarine in full servo-harness....nightmarish to construct; had to pin everything multiple times, took several tries to get each limb to stay in place.

second worst was the aforementioned landspeeder...i mean....damn, that thing just ain't right! :threaten:

Gannon 03-19-08 02:25 AM

I haven't had much trouble putting very many things together, but I'd say the worst was the Obliterators. These things, I tell you what... Pain in the @ss.

asianavatar 03-19-08 03:04 AM

Tomb Scorpions seemed like pretty crappy models when it comes to putting them together. I saw some guy at a store trying to assemble one. He almost wanted to chuck the thing out the store.

Steel Rain 03-19-08 03:10 AM

I think you guys have completely missed one. The Penitent Engine is one of the HARDEST models to assemble. Not only is it pewter but it is also a walker, which means that the pose is variable. The wife had serious problems getting it to stay glued. Plus it's a pain in the rear to paint even when not assembled. Imagine assembling and then painting!

Zyke 03-19-08 04:12 AM

Venerable Dreadnaught. Maybe I just suck, but what a nightmare.

The fingers were CONSTANTLY falling off the CCW arm. It took me dozens of attempts before they fit right and I almost slammed the thing into the floor more than once.

The entire arm came off more than a few times as well.

Captain Galus 03-19-08 05:52 AM

that chaos two headed dragon from FB...i helped a friend put it together. i swear to god it ended up being 90% green stuff and 10% actual model

SyNide 03-19-08 05:59 AM

Dark Eldar Warriors...The little buggers are so bloody spikey and don't really fit as well as other kits.

Ordo Xeno Commander 03-19-08 08:52 AM

Land Raider F***ing Crusader, and prety much every metal devastator!! the arms!! the ARMS!!! OH THE INSANITY!! SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!

mr.darkraider 03-19-08 09:05 AM

choas oblits rahhh so fiddly

neilbatte 03-19-08 09:08 AM

plasic model its got to be eldar guardians there are just so many little bits and trying to get the metal arms on the storm guardians is just as bad. metal the harlequin troope leader even with greenstuff i cant get it to stay on its base and the tiny bit of metal tabard just bends at the slightest touch.

Jacobite 03-19-08 09:44 AM

Land Raider Crusader. Nuff said.

Rindaris 03-19-08 11:56 AM

Land Raider Crusader.....

Vashtek 03-19-08 01:16 PM

Agree the plastic devastators with metal lascannons are no fun. Generally metal + plastic kits suck.

The worst of all time though, without doubt, (not 40k though) is...

the Ogre kingdom scraplauncher. Simply impossible. Mine is still in bits.


Pandawithissues... 03-19-08 01:27 PM

Wow, we've got a nice variety here, but the crusader seems to be the worst at the moment.

In my oppinion, the new epic SM predators are the single most poorly desgned kits gw do. Yes they only come in four pieces, but what a pile of shit those pieces are!

The side sponsons come separately from the body, but WILL NOT fit in the gaps on the chassis without filing them half away. I had a pile of metal dust big enough to cover one of the preds completely by the time I had constructed 5 of them. Oh, plus i'd had to send one blister back cause they were so mismoulded. The guy at the store said it was the worst case of mismoulding he'd ever seen.

Also, the old salamander kit. That fu*&ing back sail. There was a gap about a cm wide in it that gw couldn't even be arsed to provide a piece for.

Quality control? Quality control? I know you're here somewhere....


Lord Sinkoran 03-19-08 04:40 PM

glueing metal to metal where the surface area is really small e.g. the bolters on the crusader

Tvayumat 03-19-08 05:01 PM

a Penitent Engine is my current construction nightmare, like it was moulded by a lobotomized gorrila with chainsaw fingers.

Djinn24 03-19-08 05:17 PM

1. Anything Forgeworld, so many vents/flash
2. Crusader
3. Landspeeder, might as well scratch build one!
4. The old metal wraithlord ifyou didn't have your pinning stuff on you.

LongBeard 03-19-08 07:22 PM

Many moons ago when I played a strange game called Warhammer I decided to buy a Hellcannon, fooking hell the worst moulds I've ever seen!!!:angry:

foulacy 03-19-08 08:25 PM

Im so glad i dont need to buy a crusaider, not after the hype its getting on here anyways haha.

Scorpio 03-19-08 09:37 PM

For me, I'd have to say the new Hive Tyrant. The bonesword fell off at least twenty times, sometimes in the middle of a game! I still haven't bothered to glue the hoof claw onto it yet.

Unit_046984 03-20-08 09:28 AM

Strange I found the Crusader easy to construct.

What I hated to build was the LOTR Fell beast, even after it was built it kept falling over and breaking :ireful2:

angels of fire 03-20-08 08:13 PM

My land speeder was so annoying I just cut it up for scenic bases!

pyroanarchist 03-20-08 08:18 PM

Deamon Prince's and any Greater Deamon. I hate gaps so greater deamons end up being mostly green stuff when I'm done with them.

plug 03-20-08 10:10 PM

Daemon prince's and the wpns on the obliterators

Trigger 03-21-08 12:39 PM

Easily the Krootox. Some kid brought one into the shop and it had a half inch gap in the belly. half a pound of greenstuff and some pins later...... The metal landspeeder was a 'mare as well

Master Kashnizel 03-21-08 12:51 PM

I had some trouble with the White Dwarf 30th Ann. model. I think he fell off his shield like thirty times and than one time he actually fell apart. Like he literally looked like I was about to assemble him and that all my pieces were scattered.

The Wraithlord 03-21-08 02:07 PM

Gotta agree regarding the Tomb Scorpion. I nearly slit my wrists on that one.

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