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Ordo Xeno Commander 03-19-08 08:52 AM

Land Raider F***ing Crusader, and prety much every metal devastator!! the arms!! the ARMS!!! OH THE INSANITY!! SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!

mr.darkraider 03-19-08 09:05 AM

choas oblits rahhh so fiddly

neilbatte 03-19-08 09:08 AM

plasic model its got to be eldar guardians there are just so many little bits and trying to get the metal arms on the storm guardians is just as bad. metal the harlequin troope leader even with greenstuff i cant get it to stay on its base and the tiny bit of metal tabard just bends at the slightest touch.

Jacobite 03-19-08 09:44 AM

Land Raider Crusader. Nuff said.

Rindaris 03-19-08 11:56 AM

Land Raider Crusader.....

Vashtek 03-19-08 01:16 PM

Agree the plastic devastators with metal lascannons are no fun. Generally metal + plastic kits suck.

The worst of all time though, without doubt, (not 40k though) is...

the Ogre kingdom scraplauncher. Simply impossible. Mine is still in bits.


Pandawithissues... 03-19-08 01:27 PM

Wow, we've got a nice variety here, but the crusader seems to be the worst at the moment.

In my oppinion, the new epic SM predators are the single most poorly desgned kits gw do. Yes they only come in four pieces, but what a pile of shit those pieces are!

The side sponsons come separately from the body, but WILL NOT fit in the gaps on the chassis without filing them half away. I had a pile of metal dust big enough to cover one of the preds completely by the time I had constructed 5 of them. Oh, plus i'd had to send one blister back cause they were so mismoulded. The guy at the store said it was the worst case of mismoulding he'd ever seen.

Also, the old salamander kit. That fu*&ing back sail. There was a gap about a cm wide in it that gw couldn't even be arsed to provide a piece for.

Quality control? Quality control? I know you're here somewhere....


Lord Sinkoran 03-19-08 04:40 PM

glueing metal to metal where the surface area is really small e.g. the bolters on the crusader

Tvayumat 03-19-08 05:01 PM

a Penitent Engine is my current construction nightmare, like it was moulded by a lobotomized gorrila with chainsaw fingers.

Djinn24 03-19-08 05:17 PM

1. Anything Forgeworld, so many vents/flash
2. Crusader
3. Landspeeder, might as well scratch build one!
4. The old metal wraithlord ifyou didn't have your pinning stuff on you.

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