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Ubiquitous 03-18-08 11:52 PM

It's gotta be my son of a whorus jump chaplain. He went together alright, until I got to the bolt pistol arm. The way the fraggin thing's made the shoulder plate would have to stick half an inch into the jump pack to fit. So I replaced it with a chainfist from my terminator sprue :biggrin:

Another bad one was that landspeeder I built. It looks alright now, but the thing too me hours to put together right :scare:

Casmiricus 03-19-08 12:25 AM

THe Lord Solar Macharius.

It took seventeen tries to get his cape to stay. SEVENTEEN TRIES! AND THAT'S JUST FOR THE CAP!

*Goes on ranting*

maxtangent 03-19-08 01:27 AM

Tyranid Gargoyles... WAY too much work for such an ugly model.
I also gave up trying to get the new WE dragon together.

loyalist42 03-19-08 01:28 AM

well, the worst experience i've had to date was with the techmarine in full servo-harness....nightmarish to construct; had to pin everything multiple times, took several tries to get each limb to stay in place.

second worst was the aforementioned landspeeder...i mean....damn, that thing just ain't right! :threaten:

Gannon 03-19-08 02:25 AM

I haven't had much trouble putting very many things together, but I'd say the worst was the Obliterators. These things, I tell you what... Pain in the @ss.

asianavatar 03-19-08 03:04 AM

Tomb Scorpions seemed like pretty crappy models when it comes to putting them together. I saw some guy at a store trying to assemble one. He almost wanted to chuck the thing out the store.

Steel Rain 03-19-08 03:10 AM

I think you guys have completely missed one. The Penitent Engine is one of the HARDEST models to assemble. Not only is it pewter but it is also a walker, which means that the pose is variable. The wife had serious problems getting it to stay glued. Plus it's a pain in the rear to paint even when not assembled. Imagine assembling and then painting!

Zyke 03-19-08 04:12 AM

Venerable Dreadnaught. Maybe I just suck, but what a nightmare.

The fingers were CONSTANTLY falling off the CCW arm. It took me dozens of attempts before they fit right and I almost slammed the thing into the floor more than once.

The entire arm came off more than a few times as well.

Captain Galus 03-19-08 05:52 AM

that chaos two headed dragon from FB...i helped a friend put it together. i swear to god it ended up being 90% green stuff and 10% actual model

SyNide 03-19-08 05:59 AM

Dark Eldar Warriors...The little buggers are so bloody spikey and don't really fit as well as other kits.

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