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Viscount Vash 03-18-08 09:16 PM

Worst Model to assemble ever ?
What is the worst standard miniature you hve ever tried to assemble?

We have all had those moments when it just won't stick and your wife/cat/mother/dog looks at you funny as you curse the wretched thing and all other things Games Workshop to the Eye of Terror and back.......:ireful2:

Warped components, mismatched parts or just incredibly fiddly?

So is it the Conudrum of the Crusader or that So and So of a Spine Dragon............

mgtymouze 03-18-08 09:33 PM

The Dwarfs for fantasy are a nightmare to put together. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to split the body from shoulder to waist for assembly needs to be kicked in the nether regions.

foulacy 03-18-08 09:36 PM

greath thread haha.

Mine has got to be anything big and metal grrrrr i cant stand 'em, my newly made daemon prince has been the biggest pain in the gonads ever, with parts that didnt evan fit together, i had to do a hell of a lot of filing.

FarseerNo3 03-18-08 10:04 PM

the crusader

and old rhinos

Marneus Calgar 03-18-08 10:12 PM

Daemon prince, you just cant put it together.

Engelus 03-18-08 10:14 PM

quite honestly, the land raider crusader bits are the worst, however they are seconded by the landspeeder, that kit couldn't fit together even if it was fresh off the mold.

torealis 03-18-08 11:13 PM

yeah, i had to help a kid build a landspeeder the other day, it was my first as well. nasty bugger.

the LOTR dragon is a bit of a bitch. by reputation, the Screaming Skull Cat is the worst...

wetware 03-18-08 11:19 PM

2nd ed lictors were awful, but new gargoyles have got to be the worst.
Yeah... let's make them so that their wings are two separate pieces and go around the flying base. Genius idea!

Dirge Eterna 03-18-08 11:23 PM

Probably anything FW, simply because of resin dust. Gag!

Or if we're sticking to GW, it's a tie between the Demon Prince, Crusader, Old Carnifex, and current Hive Tyrant.


foulacy 03-18-08 11:30 PM

The nightbringer fucked me over to, it came, i loved it, then tried to make it and now i hate it. Was impossible to make it look right there was so much filing needed.

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