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z4ch001 08-29-10 11:13 AM

Defenders of osgiliath
Hey, this is an army im working on, the basis being the part in the book when faramir takes frodo to osgiliath, and bassically its a themed army on the force defending it. Cheers



Faramirs guard:
14 rangers and 8 veterans of osgiliath (4 shields and 4 shields)

Captain of osgiliath:

10 warriors of gondor:
spears and shields

10 warrioirs of gondor:

16 bows
45 models

I never made it to be competetive, but its always nice if its half decent, all comments welcome, cheers for listening.

Rhomdruil 08-29-10 01:29 PM

I think the list looks great! I love solid themes that are also capable of winning and that is exactly what you have here. You are a little over the 33% bow limit set out by Legions of Middle Earth but I would love to play against a list like this. On another note, I love the model for Damrod.

Lord Rahl 08-29-10 03:18 PM

He is actually spot with the bow limit, he has 28 models without a bow and 14 with a bow, this list looks great, i love themed lists they bring the lotr game to life and add more realism to the game, the fight in osgiliath is one of the best bits in the books.

Red Corsairs 08-29-10 11:05 PM

Yes he's within the bow limit, you need to remember heroes do not count towards the bow limit.

As others have said the list is pretty solid as is.

Rhomdruil 08-30-10 12:08 AM

Learn something new everyday. I thought that Heroes were counted as well for the bow limit. I stand corrected! Now I just need to find me a Gondor player to defend Osgiliath...

Amoeba Bait 08-30-10 12:31 AM

I have to say, Damrod is one of my favorite LOTR minis.! Good job.

z4ch001 09-07-10 07:16 PM

to be honest, i think themed lists are what lotr is all about, i like playing lists that were in the books and films.

And yeah, 16 legal shots a turn, hitting on threes, and fight 4, lovely:grin:

Thanks for the comments, ill probably build it to 1000 points to really get the theme :P

P.S Damrod is a great model, i prefer the ranger faramir to the others aswell.

sethgabriel1990 10-08-11 04:16 PM

It seems like a good balanced army, you seem right on the bow limit, which I usually am, and it should be a good looking army models-wise too.

thenoobbomb 11-02-11 08:02 AM

Osgiliath Veterans arent that good IMO.

ThoseKrazyKasrkin 11-02-11 08:12 AM


Originally Posted by thenoobbomb (Post 1097949)
Osgiliath Veterans arent that good IMO.

Ive only ever run normal guys but the minis are awesome

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