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Khorne's Fist 08-21-10 12:11 AM

Sporty Geeks?
So, I was thinking that people into hobbies such as ours have a reputation for being somewhat geeky and not very sporty. I was wondering just how true this is. So, in the poll I tried to cover most of the sports from the geographic regions largely represented on these boards, ie Europe, N. America and Australasia. Feel free to mention anything I missed.

Personally, I play rugby, and have dabbled in various martial arts for many years.

Edit: I just realised that you can only vote for one option, and people may partake in several sports, so just mentions it in your post.

Unforgiven302 08-21-10 01:21 AM

Baseball, football (the real football where we knock the shit out of each other) and bowling.

Is drinking a sport? It has become competitive in the past. :drinks::alcoholic::puke:

morfangdakka 08-21-10 01:33 AM

I played soccer for many years. I played rugby, martial arts, track and field as well as competitive weight lifting for a few years.

Now I'm like Unforgiven and just go for the competitive drinking.

Angel of Blood 08-21-10 01:38 AM

Play alot of Football. The real football, you know the one where you use your foot, hence the name. What you play is Rugby with armour plating ^^

Like a bit of Cricket now and then. Judo, MMA, Sprinting, Squash, Snowboarding, Climbing and more Football round it off.

WarMaster Sindr 08-21-10 01:41 AM

eh i played both american and british football but i personal like american football better.

Have a great one

Varakir 08-21-10 01:42 AM

Mountain biking (downhill and freeride), Skating (though not a lot anymore).

Not really a sport but i also do freestyle nunchaku and a few other kobudo weapons.

Angel of Blood 08-21-10 02:25 AM

Glad you didnt put darts down, people calling that a sport grips my shit

Pitured: 'Athlete'

Vaz 08-21-10 02:32 AM


Originally Posted by Unforgiven302 (Post 706922)
Baseball, football (the real football where we knock the shit out of each other) and bowling.

I didn't know that American's watched the Championship or the Nationwides? I thought you watched all that American Turtle Mating stuff?


I play Football (Soccer, Fist? Vaz am disappoint), RU, RL, Boxing, Golf, Running, Hockey (not ice) and I swim.

Other stuff is also scuba, sports jumping and rock climbing. I would mountaineering, but I hate it.

Edit - Aww, come on. To be fair, Andy Fordham is a legend. And he also did lose shit loads of weight -


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Fallen 08-21-10 03:19 AM

Football, did wrestling, dabbled in other martial arts

now i just do flip cup a lot (sucks at beer pong :()

Asmodeun 08-22-10 05:42 AM

Where is the FUCKING Lacrosse button!

I play soccer. jj I play lacrosse.

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