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Whizzwang 08-19-10 09:59 PM

3000 Point Lizard powerhouse
Frog + Rumination, Cogitate, Cupped Hands, Lore of Shadow

Frog + Rumination, Soul of Stone, Obsidian Lodestone, Lore of Shadow

Skink Chief + Ancient Steg, Warspear

Skink Chief + Ancient Steg, BSB, Dagger of Sotek

66 Saurus + Command

3 Salamander Team
3 Salamander Team
2 Salamander Team
2 Salamander Team

2996 points total

Both Frogs join the Saurus and use Lore of Shadow to cripple the hell out of anything that looks like getting in combat. The stegs and salamanders hover close by and annihilate stuff that gets too close. The new template rules for "anything touched" makes Salamanders lethal with the -3 save.

You cogitate any wizard with dwellers / sun / transformatiuon etc to make sure they can't pump 8 dice and Irresistable. To keep you r one big unit from being blown up.

Tim/Steve 08-19-10 11:16 PM

Well it might have worked in 7th, but not such a good army in 8th. Having 2 slaans is only a tiny amount better then having 1 slaan, with the noticable difference of being able to cast the same spell twice... but on raw power its noting much (and very expensive). Next up is the sallies- sure they'll do a very large amount of damage... but they'll do it once after that they cant use their breathe again for the rest of the battle.

So really you'll be hitting the opponent with everything you have and hoping that when the dust clears they're dead... because if they are still standing you're in serious trouble (I was getting flashes of Independence Day for the first half of that, but suddenly V for Vendetta entered my head instead...)

Personally I would make it a more standard army by removing a slaan, giving him temple guard (a nice big unit) and splitting the saurus into 2. The sallies might be fun to run still, but I would generally recommend razordons over sallies- mebbe split them, to have the dakka hitting the enemy every turn but then the one turn bonfire to really smash through the nastier enemy units.

Jack96 08-19-10 11:44 PM

Salamanders can do their attack as many times as they want cause in the errata it says that a salamanders special attack is not a breath weapon
but I would change at least one of the sallies for razordons cause at least they can stand and shoot and I agree with tim/Steve you need temple guard
and with 2 lore of shadows you can decrease the enemies strenght and toughness by 2X D3 that's just sick

Tim/Steve 08-20-10 11:45 AM

LOL, thats a crock is ever there was one- a massive dragon only has enough volatile chemicals in its throat to 'breathe' once, but sallies have an unlimitted supply.

Yeah, makes them pretty good in that case... but I would print out the FAQ and take it with you, no-one will believe that they keep burning otherwise. I still wouldnt take more then 2 units of them though; it'll be too hard to mnanouver more hten that to attack decently.

Vaz 08-20-10 01:01 PM

You need 2 more core units.

And you cannot duplicate spells, either, so you cannot take 2 Lore of Shadow or Loremaster. Or, you can, but one of them won't know any spells.

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Tim/Steve 08-20-10 02:47 PM


Originally Posted by Vaz (Post 706305)
You need 2 more core units.

And you cannot duplicate spells, either, so you cannot take 2 Lore of Shadow or Loremaster. Or, you can, but one of them won't know any spells.

You need 3 non-character units... so he's fine, doesnt need to be core.

You can duplicate spells, but not if you roll for them. So if one slaan has loremaster then the other can roll the spells on that lore normally. Any spells that you 'choose' rather then roll can be duplicated... so loremaster and items that allow you to choose your spells are slightly outside the normal restrictions.

Vaz 08-20-10 02:59 PM

Whizzwang 08-21-10 10:52 PM

yeah as has been said characters that may choose there spells are not taken into consideration when determinig random spells. loremaster is effectively free. So yes, you can in fact stack loremasters of the same lore

on a side note that's loremaster Tzeentch Herlads for 165 a pop. now THAT is sick and twisted. So that's Shadow debuff stacking from 5 guys in 3k.. all your units have straight 1's for stat lines.

Contemplating going to Death frogs and double stacking Doom + Darkness for -6 LD, then hitting things with a salamander for the instant panic on max LD4

Karnox 08-22-10 12:46 AM

since when were skink chiefs able to be BSBs?
Also why sking chiefs? Why not put some priests on engine of the gods, way more effective.

And yeah, considering you will on average have 7 power dice a turn, having two frogs is a big waste, much better to save the points and get some more sauras, or even better, split the sauras into 2 units of 30, and replace the 2nd slan with a unit of 36 temple guard for your slann and line em up 10x4
Or taking a scar veteran with some knights isnt too bad either.

Whizzwang 08-22-10 01:26 AM

The big unit of saurus is not there to be effective in combat. It's there to be 66 extra wounds for the 2 frogs.

You debuff the fuck out of the opposing army with shadow or death.

Assuming you take death power dice are not an issue even on an avergae of 7 when they get a free dice per spell and they get power dice back from death spells that damage. A single Frog can cast the entire lore of death on a pool of 3 dice. 2 Frogs isn't a waste as I don't really want to cast the entire lore, I just want to stack the same spell a couple of times.

The whole point of this army is to deploy tight in a corner, wait for you to come to it, and then force you of the table by either removing your leadership and forcing panic and terror tests. or by going shadow and forcing the statline of all your models to 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 then using the Laniph + Bjuna to destroy characters.

Skink Chief BSB = page 93. "One Slaan Mage Priest, Saurus Skar Veteran or Skink Chief may carry the Army Battle Standard"

Chiefs are taken since they are actually better than engines. The warspear is filthy when you consider that steg is doing 2d6+ impact, 7 Skink attacks (vs debuffed via shadow units, they probably hit and wound on 3+, 2+) 4 steg attacks AND a thunderstomp. That kills WAY more than Burning Alignment.

This is not designed to be a well balanced flufy army with nice units. This is designed to be an extremely powerful glass cannon that destroys people fast.

In testing so far it has annihilated everything thrown at it. including 3 or 4 lists that were built to try and kill it.

Taking down 66 saurus that have a 3+ Armour, 6+ Parry, 4+ Ward vs magic by shooting at it is damn near impossible. You HAVE to move towards it to get it in ombat, that's when 10 salamanders open up all kinds of whoop ass on you.

You can't even final transmutation or 13th spell or gateway them since the wizard with the power spell removes 6's from his casting and I just dispel you.

Look at it again and see the synergy. It's a very powerful build. It's not ALL powerful, but it's scary as hell.

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