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zas240 08-13-10 04:45 PM

Thunder Hammers dating
Hey, I was just wondering what era were thunderhammers brought into use by the Space Marines, as im thinking of doing a pre-heresy Salamanders army, and want to know if any can be included. If possible state your source? dont worry if you cant :P thanks in advance :victory:

GrimzagGorwazza 08-13-10 06:04 PM

I have recollection of the power mace in second edition being described as a precurser to the thunder hammer. I think this was in 2nd ed codex chaos in the wargear section but i can't find my copy to double check. i might not even have the book any more.
My point is that i believe it was included because no chaos models had thunder hammers because they had been equipped with power maces during the heresy.
I suspect there is probabley a marine armed with a thunder hammer somewhere in one of the more recent HH books but i cna't think of one at the moment.

you could probabley use power maces to rep thunder hammers as they were definately around at the time.

Capt.Al'rahhem 08-13-10 06:17 PM

I've just had a look through The Horus Heresy: Collected Visions and their are only two picture references to any sort Hammers.

One is on p.257 in a picture called Warrior-Psyker Concept by John Blanche but it looks more like just a power hammer and as it's being wielded by a non power armored human it's most likely not a Thunderhammer.

The second in on p.330 in a picture of Perturabo-Primarch of the Iron Warriors by Alex Boyd and it looks very much like a Thunderhammer but also has a Deamon face on the it so could be a Deamon Weapon also.

Most of the pictures of Terminators show them using large axes most of which don't appear to be powered or are clearly Chainaxes.

I think I've heard something about the Iron Warriors and another Legion fighting over a relic weapon of some sort, parhaps someone more familar with that story could fill you in on it.

Also isn't one of the 9 Artefacts of Vulkan a hammer of some sort.

You can also look to the fact that CSM (who are supposed to be pre-heresy marines) Terminators don't have the option of TH but that's probably more of a game balence & differentiating the armys type thing. Also all the Legions (including Salamanders :shok:) are clearly shown to have Land Speeders during the heresy but at some point CSM seems to have lost them.

I would say, as personal opinion (take that for what it's worth, not much :P), if they did have any they'd be relics in the hands of great leaders and heros. I wouldn't go with squads of TH/SS Terms but that's just me.

yanlou 08-13-10 06:46 PM

im sure that lord commander eidolon in fulgrim is swing a thunder hammer about

vista101 08-13-10 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by yanlou (Post 700474)
im sure that lord commander eidolon in fulgrim is swing a thunder hammer about

Of course! so...they might have been in the testing phase or something so only high commanders would have had them :/ hummm....no squads of them are out, but my captain could probably have one

edit: sorry, i have something weird wrong with my laptop and it wont let my friends account sign out and i replyed without thinking, sorry Vista, everyone this was Zas im working on the computer problem :/

Khargoth 08-13-10 09:52 PM

When Horus presented Perturabo with Forgebreaker it was probably one of the first Thunder Hammers ever made. They were probably only put into formal use post-Heresy.

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