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Sontaire Sleeps Alone 07-31-10 10:32 PM

Good Non-GW Paint Recommendations
As I've said in my few other posts, I used to be into Warhammer, and my favorite part was always the painting. Lately I've been wanting to get back into it, but somehow being an adult with a job has left me with less money to spend on a hobby then being a twelve-year old kid. :laugh:

So right now my biggest concern is getting some paints to play around with, as I've found some old models of mine I can just strip. That being said, I'd really rather not go with GW paints, as they were on the expensive side 10 years ago, and it looks like some things don't change with the passage of time. I used to use Ral Partha paints, was happy with their stuff except for some of their metallics, but from I've been reading they're not around any more. And aside from GW, I'm not really familiar with any of the major brands I've been reading about.

So, what do you guys recommend? I'm looking for something cheap (emphasis on the cheap part), but quality enough where my models won't be chipping off or end up looking like prostitute-clowns.

Also, does anyone have any experience with the paints they sell at craft stores? The one that come in like 2 ounce tubes for 2 bucks a pop? I'm a little wary that they might not be designed for minis, but they certaintly look attractive from a financial standpoint.

equitypetey 07-31-10 11:21 PM

i can't offer a super cheap solution but Vallejo paints are cheaper then GW, they are 17ml rather then 12ml and the "game color" range is a colour match for GW paints.

they are lovely to use and if you buy them in bulk they are even cheaper.

and try the net for discounted stores as buying paints in shops is what kills your pocket.

Stella Cadente 07-31-10 11:29 PM

if you can find them MP paints, larger pots, just as good and sometimes better coverage, half the price, excellent range, and made in england.

gen.ahab 07-31-10 11:41 PM

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P3 is a great range and it is based in the US so you should save on shipping.

Rob1981 08-01-10 01:03 AM

I'll second the Vallejo 'game colour' range. You get moe in the bottle at a better price :D I think they cover a bit better as well (the ones I have anyway)

Justindkates 08-01-10 04:34 AM

Yeah Vallejo all the way.

Varica 08-01-10 05:15 AM

I also recomend the Vallejo paints, I personally bought the big box set of 50 or so paints for $200 and something. Set will last me a long time one or two drops will let you go through several minis. I am thinking of purchasing some Reaper paints because I have heard a lot of good reviews on their quality and from my readings it sounds like a paint I want to add to my collection. Also they have a huge range of colors in two setups one for more watery and one more thick for different purposes. Single pots are $3 bucks not sure how big they are, but they sell sets for both ranges. Can buy one big setup with all the colors or just setup of paints you want.

Here is a link I found when I was looking for paints that give a description and the writers view point on each.


Hope my ranting helps come up with a solution to your paint choices.


NerdyOgre254 08-01-10 05:34 AM

In a semi-related note, can someone sticky this thread?

As for my 2 cents, avoid Tamiya paints like the plague.

Sontaire Sleeps Alone 08-01-10 06:59 AM

Thanks a bunch guys! Based on your suggestions I'm leaning towards Vallejo, but probably won't be ordering for a few days while I wait for payday (gives me some more time to research this anyway). I do have a few more questions if I'm not being too much of a pain in the ass though.

I don't really see what the difference is between the game color and model color line. I see they say the game colors are specially formulated for minis, but I'd like some advice from you guys as to which is better.

Do they mix well? I'm liking the game color intro set which is 16 basic colors, looks like enough to get started without breaking the bank but kind of limited if they're not very good at mixing.

Finally, will simple green strip it just fine?

And again, thanks a lot guys, you've all been an awesome amount of help.

equitypetey 08-01-10 09:40 AM

the difference is that they a geared toward a model market more then the minis market but a i said before the game color range is a match with GW ones so if you intend on following tutorials and what not it makes it a hell of allot easier.

here is a chart so you can see http://www.moonlightmodels.co.uk/ind...iewDoc&docId=6

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