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koppo 07-28-10 09:47 PM

looking for engines

I'm attempting a project that requires me to build six ork trukk conversions. In each one I want a very large, very visible, very detailed engine. a bit like this:

I am having some trouble finding engines (scale needs to be between 1/32 and 1/18)

So far I have found these: http://www.gmpdiecast.com/products/d...cale%20Engines

one of which graces the trukk above

and these http://www.neomega-resin.com/vector/home.htm


But these are all radial engines and while will be good for one or two of the trukks I could do with some more variety (some diesel and gas turbines would be nice).

Anybody know of any good sources, plus somewhere to buy them in the UK?

Rob1981 07-28-10 10:32 PM

no idea but those resin engines are awesome!

bitsandkits 07-28-10 10:36 PM

do a search for tamiya engines , tamiya do loads of that type of stuff

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DestroyerHive 07-29-10 01:07 AM

That's quite a strange project, but good luck anyway!

koppo 07-29-10 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by bitsandkits (Post 688133)
do a search for tamiya engines , tamiya do loads of that type of stuff

Yeah, it seems that they mainly do engines as parts of other, larger, more expensive kits.

I have however found this company Engines and Things but I cannot seems to find any pictures of their stuff, and it is again all areo engines (although a 1/32 scale merlin might be fun, as well as a 14 cylinder radial engine attached to the extended end of a crank of a v12 block, Hmmm)

shaantitus 07-29-10 11:45 PM

Napier-sabre 24cylinder engine from the Hawker typhoon. Evil in a truck. That is some mad max shit right there.

enieffac 07-31-10 05:03 AM

If your budget isn't an issue and you want some realism, you could put some real model airplane engines in one or two of the trucks (I'd include the necessary bits to make the engine actually run as well, but that's cause I'm a big fan of loud annoying noise). You could also use some little electric motors from toy cars and such ($4 from Radio Shack). Just remove the rotor and windings from the boring outer case and you end up with a pretty sweet looking motor doohicky for not much money (another thing you could leave semi-functional if you wanted)

shaantitus 07-31-10 11:10 PM

The electric motor armature idea is a good one, but that site for the model areo engines would be perfect, just go for the engines you can confirm as inlines,v's or H configuration and they should look the part perfectly.

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