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shampawnya 07-20-10 12:44 AM

Stupid Question
Forgive the stupidity of this question, but, believe it or not it came up in a recent match...

Cover Saves are only used for shooting attacks, not in close combat...right?

The scenario that brought this up was a unit was assaulting another unit with an independent character attached to it... the assaulter chose to attack the IC and and assaultee claimed that he now gets a cover save because he has the rest of his unit standing in the way. :shok:

Also is a KFF considered a valid save in close combat?

Thanks for the help guys...:victory:

DeathKlokk 07-20-10 12:59 AM

Cover saves cannot be used in close combat. BRB pg 39, rt column, 4th paragraph.

A KFF grants a cover save.

shampawnya 07-20-10 01:07 AM

Thank you... all I needed.

NeroRat 07-20-10 03:22 AM

I would just like to add that for the asaulter to target the IC, he would need to have models in base contact with it. From your description it doesn't sound like he was if the rest of the unit was in the way...

Just a thought... I could be wrong.

OIIIIIIO 07-20-10 03:29 AM

And I thought I should add ... there is no such thing as a stupid question. Only stupid people, and apparently it IS illegal to kill them. What a shame. And yes you were correct.

KhainiteAssassin 07-20-10 03:33 AM

no cover saves in CC, the only thing cover in CC does is determines who strikes first, unless you have assault nades (frag)

also you need to be in base contact to attack an IC in a squad

DeathKlokk 07-20-10 04:20 AM

I have been accused of having Assault nads before but was acquitted.

Nevertheless the stigma still lingers....


OH...you meant Grenades....nevermind...

KhainiteAssassin 07-20-10 04:22 AM

yes I meant greNADES not Nads ROFL

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