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Captain Stillios 07-19-10 03:59 PM

Other race Vampires???
Greetingsssssss my fellow hereticsssssss.....

Anyway....going on most info that I can find most if not all Vampires have been human, my question is.....

Have there ever been any elf or dwarf vampires and is it possible?

Dave T Hobbit 07-19-10 09:52 PM

I believe there was an Elven vampire in one of the Genevieve books by Jack Yeovil.

MidnightSun 07-28-10 05:47 PM

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I can't imagine a Dwarf tasting very nice... Vampires would probably just infect the nearest other race to them, and as they don't live in holes in the ground, or on Ulthuan (I don't think) then the only other big empire is, well, the Empire (Apart from Khemri, but there's nothing to bite there) and perhaps Ogres. A Strigoi might go for an Ogre though. Woo, imagine that, Vampogres. Even stronger and a lot faster and have insatiable thirst and hunger at the same time. And of course use Gutomancy to bring back dead Ogres. Oh, this is gonna be a sweet army!


needskonstruktion 08-14-10 12:02 AM

Well from what I've heard (not a lot, been out of the hobby for a bit, am a bit rusty ;) ) vampires need blood to survive/they have a desire to it and would search for it.

So in my opinion, it is entirely possible for a vampire to attack and feed of the nearest thing when the need arises. So if they were near a human settlement, they'd suck the blood of the inhabitants, if they were in the middle of a wasteland and they saw an ogre/skaven, they would feed off them if the need arises.

I wouldn't see a problem in it. Maybe some models vamped up would look a bit crap - Dwarf models come to mind, some would look pretty awesome (Aforementioned ogres).


Also, nice to see someone else from the north east ^^ I live in durham, near newcastle :D

Angel of Blood 08-21-10 01:53 AM

Well they need blood to survive so could in theory feed off most races, but who knows if Vampirsm can be passed on to all races. Would be interesting to see an Elven Strigoi

Commissar Ploss 08-22-10 05:21 AM

You have to remember, just drinking from another thing does not make it a vampire itself. There is the Kiss, in which a vampire turns another "thing" into a vampire. In most cases when a vampire drinks from something, it becomes its swain, although i think this may only be for humans...


darkreever 08-22-10 06:07 AM

I would imagine that it is possible to turn other things into vampires, but they are not for specific reasons. Perhaps they leave certain races alone because they have ancient laws forbidding it, to create a strain of vampire from an elf, for example, might lead to vampires on unimaginable magical strength, a strength they might not be able to control.

Though with some races, specifically warriors of the northern wastes, mutants, and the skaven; vampires leave them be because their blood is to tainted or mutated. There is no telling what blood infected/infused/corrupted by the warp or warpstone will do to a vampire but it likely will not be anything to good.

Tim/Steve 08-22-10 10:02 AM

Vampires certainly drink the blood of mutants and non-human races... Im currently reading the Mathias Thulman- Which Hunter omnibus and one of the vampires in that happily shows down on skaven and mutants (well, happily until he comes out of the blood frenzy).

I imagine that only having human vampires is a direct result of vampire nature and the nature of the realms: no vampire would want to create a thrall that was more powerful then them so making a vampire from a species that was likely to be naturally powerful would be unlikely... and making a vamp from a lesser race would be distasteful in the extreme.

Dave T Hobbit 08-22-10 04:11 PM

Fished out my copy of Night's Dark Masters (WHFRP Vampire Supplement):

"Vampires pass on their curse to Humans. Halfling and Dwarf vampires, if they exist, are so rare that most believe they cannot become vampires. If an Elf has ever been transformed, there is no record of it." - p103

However, it does also say Dwarves do not taste great to Vampires.

So, fluffwise, Vampires are all ex-humans but sometimes feed on other races if necessary.

Angel of Blood 08-23-10 12:34 AM

A Elven Strigoi would just be very interesting if you ask me. wonder why no elves have been turned, bit dull

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