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Arvelen 07-18-10 08:29 PM

Shas'o R'alai Experimental Rules
They're finally out, available here: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhamme...TH-DRONES.html

My only questions with these rules is, based off of the rules for the EMP grenade, where it glances on 4 and 5 and penetrates on 6… Why would I use the EMP ammo for anything less than armor 14, as opposed to the High Density Sabot round, where I’m going to glance on 5 and pen on 6 ANYWAY? And I don’t quite understand is the standard Pulse Submunitions Rifle available for the XV-9’s is Str 5/AP 6, Assault 1, 5” blast, no cover saves, and you can take two… Why’d they change it to Str 4/AP5, Assult 2, 3” blast for R’alai?

Granted, these are experimental, but R’myr’s rules have been “experimental” for months now and his actually seem decent... I think these could stand for some tweaking.

jaws900 07-19-10 07:00 AM

why do some of the speiucal issue weaons that a normal commander can take are weaker than any other Tau weapon?
They are probbaly weaker to accoutn for his special weapon and ammo and giving him more smaller blasts is the best way to balace it out.
The modla and stats are awsume BTW.

Rob1981 07-22-10 03:48 PM

I think I'll definately be picking this up from FW

Orochi 07-22-10 03:59 PM

I love him!

Alex 07-22-10 04:08 PM

Oh good, I've been waiting to use him as the commander for ages, and to know what the hell his drones were, they looked more like the heads of the pit droids in star wars than anything useful.

Underground Heretic 07-22-10 06:33 PM

I've got mixed feelings about him. He's an amazing looking character and can serve a good role in a Tau army, but I don't see why he's so expensive and CC oriented. For a more complete, and humorou,s rant click here.

Asmodeun 07-24-10 08:13 AM

That is a comprehensive rant. Pity about that, he looks so cool.

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