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scubamansam 07-09-10 07:07 AM

back seat gamers
alright guys I've read through threads like the power gamers and such and thought man i hate playing those guys but there is one thing i hate more than them is when playing a friendly just for fun you get a person like a power gamer hovering around your table back seat gaming

i dont mind if people just watch or ask a question or two but when those people start telling me how to play my game or tell my partner(opponent) how to better beat me/ deploy/ use his units or to me!

like for a friends birth day we had a friendly 3v3 and some guy showed up and stood around telling us where to deploy ect

feel free to tell times that this has happend to you ect

Katie Drake 07-09-10 08:07 AM

Ugh, I hate it when people do that. Making sure the rules are followed properly by pointing out mistakes is one thing but giving tactical advice is entirely another. I usually just tell people that if they want to see me beaten so badly they can try to do it themselves. :P

jaws900 07-09-10 08:28 AM

i ahve to admit that i'm gulity of doing this but i don't rerlise i'm doing it half the time. Most of the time i ask questions with people my age and older but when it's with kids i will often Latch onto the less experiance person and give them helping tips here and there and point out the various units they could go for and the advantages of each.
I don't want to sound like a douche but i do hover a bit to help out and i'm often treated liek a memeber of staff at my local.
(so many times customers have asked me for help not knowing that i9'm just another customer/gamer)

GrizBe 07-09-10 09:47 AM

I used to hate that too.... back when I started playing in 2nd, my local store had this one guy who'd do that all the time. In the end he got himself banned from the store as it was pretty much him ending up playing someone's army for them, which especially wasn't good when it was some young kid just starting out.

People pointing out mistakes I don't mind... theres so many special rules etc that occasionally you will forget one, so having a reminder can be good. But pretty much trying to play someones game for them.. yeah, that sucks and you need to tell the person where to stick it.

bitsandkits 07-09-10 10:14 AM

scubamansam 07-09-10 10:17 AM

the guy doesn't show up much any more but when he does me and my friends usualy take a break from the game and get some food

the manager and employees do a good job at making sure nothing like that happens so every one has a good time it is a hobbie after all having fun is the entire point :biggrin:

humakt 07-09-10 10:18 AM

I often find myself walking around at tournaments forcing myself not comment on what people are doing. Its just my helpful nature. Its especially bad if its a buddy and I see he has forgottent o do something, I have to bite my toungue.

The reason is I really hate people getting advise when they are playing me. Its annoying when you are having a good game and just have the edge. You see your opponent is just about to make a tactical error and then his mate comes along and says 'Oh you dont want to do that, you want to do this instead'.

scubamansam 07-09-10 10:26 AM

ah man humakt that's cost me a couple games :laugh:

yea its hard to hold your tongue when watching friends play if i think i wont be able to i go paint instead:biggrin:

equitypetey 07-09-10 11:30 AM

when i was starting out with 40k i went to a friends house to play and as we were having a game his mate came over and wouldn't stop telling me how shit eldar are (i was playing eldar) and how good marines were (the other side was marines).

it was so annoying he wouldn't stop going on about their superiority and how my units would not do the job i was doing with them.

this guy was so annoying, he kept telling me about rules that i knew and that he obviously didn't, and was going on about using characters from different dex's in his, for example using Canis Wolfborn as his HQ for his ultra marine army.
and i had to just listen to this shit for hours.

and when i mopped up the entire marine army with little casualties to my self, he went "your just lucky, you should play my army"

i wanted to crack the Muppet in the face so bad.

the other story i have is my first 40k game i had, i went to a GW store with a friend (also new to the game) and the guy in the store stood basically playing for my mate and when ever it was my turn didn't even give any tips to me at all, he even let me target units that he knew once i rolled i had no chance like s4 weapons against a dread.
come on i asked the guy to teach me how to play and i got raped.

mynameisgrax 07-10-10 02:02 PM

It seems that my friends and I can't play a game at the local store without attracting 2-3 'hovering players'. Some are just people who have never played the game, and are wondering what it is, but that's not so bad (unless they stand too close or touch models without permission).

What's bad are the aforementioned power gamers that make comments through the whole game. The don't seem to give advice as make comments about the different units, what they like, what they find cheesy, etc. Basic forums stuff.

Unfortunately, they don't seem to realize that we're PLAYING A F*CKING GAME OVER HERE!

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