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LordofFenris 07-01-10 06:01 AM

New Necron Player Help!!!
Hey All!!!! So I finally decided on a new army: Necrons! Problem is, should I wait until the codex comes out, or should I start collecting now. I know what I need for basics, but do you think the rules will be that different? What's popular?

Hurricane 07-01-10 06:30 AM

Some sculpts are very unlikely to change (or change very little) such as warriors or the monolith. Coincidently, warriors are necessary and monoliths are one of the best things necrons can field. I would say go ahead and go for it but avoid immortals, pariahs, tomb spyders, and flayed ones. I can see both the rules and sculpts (metal => plastic) changing for those when the new codex comes out. Perhaps not all but a couple definitely.

Their most effective stuff prolly won't get new models, besides said warriors and monoliths, the destroyers, and scarab swarms will probably stay the same and both are fantastic units. Only thing to be wary of is getting a c'tan as most rumors I've heard have them leaving the codex and going apocalypse. I would hold off on those.

In any case, you could make a fairly strong army (for crons anyway) using models that are unlikely to change.

Now as far as rules go...well that's an entirely different story. We can be pretty sure WBB and phase out will change in some way, probably the gauss rule too.


There are some rumors for ya from BoLS.

Oh and for the next six months if you want to win with them, play as brutally as possible.

LordofFenris 07-01-10 06:43 AM

Excellent! Thanks again! That's what I figured. I already own a C'Tan Deceiver I got when a friend quit, so that's a bummer but I agree they will most likely get bumped. I'll probably just pick up two squads of Warriors, Lord w/ Resurrection Orb, and a Monolith to start......I may just get some Immortals, I really like them.

jaws900 07-01-10 07:18 AM

It is highly expected that Flayed one and immortanls(now on 40mm baces) will be in plastic and that we wil,l also get "The Necromancer" tho it's unsure if this is a new C'tan god or a new unit.

darklove 07-01-10 08:47 AM

No new codex is confirmed, and there are no credible rumour on ANY changes that are to be made. The only thing that is certain, because it is already in the BRB and therefor not a rumour, is that there will be different grades of Lord with specialisations.

I don't expect that the C'tan will be removed from the game, but a lot of non-Necron players hate them and want them to become Apoc only. I don't see any valid reasoning for that. C'tan are only slightly better than Wraithlords, but more than twice the points cost and you can only take 1. Ironically, people calling for the removal of the C'tan because it is too powerful also argue that anything that costs a lot of points and does not have the Necron rule makes Necrons easier to beat by Phase Out (often directed at the Monolith, which many people also argue is over powered and should be restricted to Apoc only).

Generally people don't like Necrons and think the whole army should be Apoc only, or scrapped.

genesis108 07-01-10 03:04 PM

I love Necrons. Always have. Do I think they are overpowered..not really. They have their ups..Monoliths, C'Tans, WBB..but they also have their downs. Like the fact that they have absolutely no options for variance for anything. Everything comes pretty much as-is except Lords..and they have only 2 real options..Staff or Scythe, as an Orb is pretty much mandatory..and most people dont waste points on a Destroyer body or much else in the way of kitting him. There is no real "what gear can I expect to see from Necrons..." like there is with every other army. But on the flip side, Gauss is effective against almost everything, so..no need for alot of variation in weaponry.

The Necron concept and models are pretty straight forward and basic..but the army is one that you dont see a whole lot of, and when you do, you are forced to stop and think about how best to go about beating them based off what your opponent has on the board...be it phase out or turtling up and holding objectives.

The Necron Army needs reworked, without a doubt, and brought inline with 5th Ed. Rules, but it is still an army that, if played right, can be effective using its outdated codex.

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