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Lord Rahl 06-25-10 06:46 PM

Who is the greatest of them all?
So who do you guys think is the greatest Phoniex lord? It's got to be Asurmen in my eyes. Fluff wise he is amazing and game wise he is virtually unkillable.

Khorne's Fist 06-25-10 07:02 PM

Karandras. He's simply the coolest. He stepped in when the original fell to the dark side.

Baron Spikey 06-25-10 09:51 PM

Fuegan- he stood when all else fled when the Fallen Phoenix attaked the Temple of Asuryan, and he's destined to die last.

Lord Sinkoran 06-25-10 10:10 PM

fuegan, anything firey does it for me

Uberfork 06-25-10 10:10 PM

I play Altansar, so of course my favourite would be Maugan Ra. He looks awesome and rescueing an entire craftworld from the Eye of Terror is so as well. He may not be the most powerful of them though.
Lol, surprised he got so many votes...

Katie Drake 06-25-10 10:29 PM

Maugan Ra, no doubt. He went into the Eye of Terror to save his people. That is dedication.

jaws900 06-26-10 08:09 AM

Asurmen - The only lord with an invunrable save and also the only hero who can isntant kill in combat. However his price tag is too high to make him usable.

Karandras - Bad ass in combat and can muller quite wof lot of people. Can't deal with tanks(none except Fuegan can really). probbly the best hero in combat with the Avatar being close to him.

Jain Zar - Can kill MEQ with ease(with support). Has the highest Inisatve inj the game(geing 11 on the charge). Struggles to kill Termintors due to Invun saves and fists/hammers.

Fuegan - No one is better at anti-tank in the entire game really. 18" melta weapon, Melta bombs, Strength 5, Counts as monster against tanks. Use alot for a reason.

Baharroth - Fast, Haywire grenades but lacks any sort of punch. the weakest of the 6 really(and the only one i have :()

Maugan Ra - Considered the best due to his skill at range and being as deadly as msot other elite warriors in combat. he's the "Anyman" of the lords tho his ranged attack is wasted when used with his own aspect.

I voted for Fuegan namly becuase he is such a beast at poping tanks and that is whats needed witht he very Mech heavy lists now a days.

gen.ahab 06-26-10 08:46 AM

13 Attachment(s)
#1) finest student of Asurmen which means he was the best out of the other pheonix lords.

#2) fastest eldar to have ever lived.

#3) not really a good reason but he just looks bad ass.

WarlordKaptainGrishnak 06-27-10 09:58 AM

Clearly its the Fallen Phoenix, who is the Master of the Incubi, and the Incubi are an epic force as is, but alas he is Fallen and works for the Darkside now.

And seeing as he is not on this list Karandras gets my vote.


Ghost792 06-28-10 02:16 PM

I say Maugan Ra. Not only am I a fan of Dark Reapers (eat it SM) but he also took on an entire tendril of hive fleet Leviathan by himself and won.

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