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Tuck3r 06-21-10 04:47 AM

Blood Spears homebrew fluff and units
K here's the most basic Fluff stuff and i'll keep adding stuff on as i develop and refine it.

Blood Spears
Primogenitor: Sanguinius
Chapter Master: Dienekes
Homeworld: Therapaeloy
Fortress Monestary: Asphodae
Prefered Tactics: Close Assault, Ambush
Color Scheme:
  • Main Blood Red
    Trim Burnished Gold includes left knee cap, helm crest, chest markings and backpack emblems
Heraldic Colors
  • Tactical: Red helm
    Assault: Mustard Yellow helm
    Devestator: Regal Blue helm
    Veteran: Gold helm with helm crest that match squad colors above^
    with crestScout: Black jumpsuit beneath armor, red, green, and black cloaks
    Death Company: Solid like purple armor with gold helm crest and saltires

The Blood Spears Are a second founding chapter who for a small amount of time we're a Space based chapter similar to the Black Templar and Blood Ravens Untill roughly 650 Years after their founding a Freak Warp storm Battered their fleet destroying fully half the chapter outright and heavily damaging all of their resources and mobility. The Chapter master at the time Azeleiyon decided that to protect and rebuild the chapter they would attempt to find a suitable planet and make it their own. The remainder of the fleet 2 BattleBarges and 3 Strike Cruisers began searching for their new home Which they found in the form of a small planet in synchronous orbit around its sun, thus providing permanent day at a temperature of roughly 69 Degree's while the opposite side is a mottled mix of Forests of thermoreactive plants and Barren Ice Fields They Immediately Christened the Planet Therapaeloy.
Thus began the slow rebuilding and fortifying process the chapter selected an enormous mountain Near in hight to the famed Fang of Fenris ,but not quite matching it, as their fortress monestary and immediately began the tedious process of sculpting quarters, tactical rooms and other required operating quarters into the mountain. The slowly forming fortress was Dubbed Asphodae. The mountain fortress while not the towering pinnicale that the fang is has the unique trait that it is perfectly round and straight starting at the base exactly 71.869 KM in Diameter to a hight of roughly 37 KM it is entirely unblemished natural occuring Adamantium polished to a mirror sheen by the desert winds. Once their Monestary was complete its Spearlike vissage a testiment to human perservearence the began their recruiting their first native initiates.
The Blood Spears had a enormous impact on the native populous. When the Space marines arrived the humans already on the planet had long since been forgotten by the rest of the galaxie their culture falling back into a feral tribe existance but the Space Marines (remembered as Warriors of the Gods in local myths) who arrived in each of the thermoreacive rainforests that we're safe...ish havens from the largers predators that stalked both the desert and the Ice wastes. Slowly with repeated visits the tribes in each of the patches of forest solidified into City-States nestled into each of these forests. Every 100 years or so the messengers return and conduct trials at each of the city states but that is not enough for some people. For those the Blood Spears Set up Verisas, The Gateway City, with series of way stations 3 weeks apart along the desert. Those who survive martching through the perpetual day for 3 weeks at a time from the nearest spot on the terminator line to the base of Asphodae are evaluated for a molecular match if they can possibly survive the implantation process they are immediately inducted into the ranks of initiates if not they are given a place of honor high amongst the Chapter Serfs.
Since the creation of their fortress They have fought hard to preserve the Emporer's realm and above all to protect humanity. Through a long line of chapter masters and hero's the Blood Spears have defended humanity all over the galaxy from any threat from the Treacherous Eldar to the brutish orcs and the Sadistic forces of Chaos, and the will continue to do so for as long as there is a single marine left alive.

gen.ahab 06-21-10 05:23 AM

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Not bad but no mountain is anywhere close the height of the fang..... it pierces the atmosphere and is so tall that ships can actually dock with it.

darkreever 06-21-10 05:41 AM

Uh, mind finding or quoting some source to back that up Ahab? (Where the Fang is the only mountain so large it breaches the atmosphere, and is the only mountain in all the galaxy to do so.) The Fang is merely a single mountain on a single world that is so great that it breaches the atmosphere. In all the worlds of the galaxy, it is not impossible to have other worlds with such things. The Fang is one of the greatest fortresses though, in that it is unique over any and all others like it.

The galaxy is huge, you can have worlds with atmosphere of sulfur and lakes of lava, worlds covered only in ocean, a planet who's only habitable parts are the tallest mountains while the rest of the world is covered in poison, planets that are all desert, all mountain, berated by gale force winds at almost all times, frozen balls of ice, and much much more. A single mountain being very tall is entirely possible, its a big galaxy.

gen.ahab 06-21-10 05:49 AM

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It is the single largest mountain in the imperium. I really don't have a single source for it though, years of reading up shit you tend to forget where it came from. The wolf codex does say that it is the single largest mountain in the galaxy. I never said it was impossible, it may have been unwise to say none were anywhere close but I believe the only one that is close is on mars, Olympus Mons. In one of the wolf books, first omnibus I believe, Ragnar brings an inquisitor and his second to the top of the fang and they are treated to a view of the planet from the top and it is high atmo.

Fallen 06-21-10 06:15 AM

Nice start Tuck3r, gonna be adding anything else to it in the future?

gen.ahab 06-21-10 06:19 AM

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@ Dark,
Ah here we go. If you own the wolf codex it says it on pages 12 and 13.

gothik 06-21-10 11:10 PM

i like the sounds of this Truck3r any more

Tuck3r 06-22-10 01:43 AM

to clearsomethin up the Fang pierces the lower fringes of the troposphere. that is roughly 35% taller than Olympus Mons which is taller than Asphodae i think.. not sure on exact measurements on OM, what makes Asphodae special is that it is one of the very few places whith naturally occuring adamantium and that it all that is left near the bottom is that Kilometers high and is perfectly round and symetrical. and yes there will be more i should have the entries for the Chapter master and some of the fluff on some missions up tonight ish sometime

gen.ahab 06-22-10 02:17 AM

13 Attachment(s)
No, it is at least mid level. Low atmo would be like the troposphere. Probably is actually mid atmo, maybe the mesosphere from what is described in the codex and the account given in the first omnibus. Where did you find this info? I require a reference. OM is 27KM at the peak. Although the atmosphere of Fenris may be either more or less dense than that of earths. But in any case I like the whole adamantium concept, very nice.

Tuck3r 06-22-10 05:34 AM

Sorry I don't have a reference for you. anyways here's the stats and fluff for the Chapter master also i need a point cost

/*edit/ K i changed a couple things after lookin at Calgar's entry and kinda tried to nerf him a bit to bring his cost down but not to much as calgar has the eternal warrior and is pretty overwhelmin i wanted this guy to be just as awesome so... also keep in mind akzeloths deathmask doesn't effect independant characters And the squad they've joined but one or the other. i highlighted any changes in red /*edit/

Point Cost: 275

WS: 6

WarGear: Artificer Armor, Jump Pack, Infurnus Pistol, Frag and Krak grenades,

Akzeloth's Deathmask: This Death mask Lovingly crafted by Akzeloth shortly after the death of Sanguinius is made in the shape of a face twisted and forever scarred with both rage and sorrow. In addition to the 4+ invunerable save confired by the death mask it also allows you to curse enemy one unit or individual character giving them the Rage special rule; Another unit or independant character is stricken with the incomprehensible sorrow Akzeloth experienced at the death of his lord and must roll a D6 before each round and achieve a 3+ to stave the paralyzing sorrow if they fail they can move only 3 inches and cannot do anything else.

Sunspear: This weapon was Forged for the Blood Spears by Vulkan shortly after their creation and has served the ChapterMaster well ever since its entrusting. A 2 meter length of adamantium which is crested by an angelic figure as a hand guard, its Spearpoint is a pair of outward facing 20 Inch Chainblades. This Master crafted Spear has the rending special rule.

Special Rules. Decent of angels, Red Thirst, Independant Character, Fleet,
Chapter Tactics: While Dienekes is on the field assault squads who forgo jump packs may choose not to select a dedicated transport and instead gain the Infiltrate and fleet special rule.

Dienekes was one of the few not only one of the few humans capable of survivng the proces that would make him a space marine but he also has been since early childhood an extremely wise fair and strong leader. As a young adult he mastered the spear which is reguarded as the hero's weapon. However it seemed that his Dream of becoming one of the God's warriors was not possible for him as they had visited the cities only 20 years prior. He Decided that he would use his considerable people skills to assemble a group of those who would have been long grey or dead in the hostile wilderness of the planet. So it was that Dienekes and a small group of other hopefulls set out for the long trek to Asphodae. Never before had the attempt been made by such a large group as those who we're following Dienekes but under his stern but fair leadership the expedition not only fended off the Dangerous beasts that plauge the desert but every one of the original group made it to the base of Asphodae. never before or in the 200 years since his induction into the chapter has a similar feat been accomplished.
Dieneks rose quickly through the ranks of the chapter exibiting Tactical Accumen that was obvious to those above him he had not only become a sergent but had actually risen to command of the 4th company even before earning his first service stud a feat that was noticed by Chapter master Valenae so when the Chapter master was killed at the hands of a Avatar of Khaine it was obvious who the late chapter master would've wanted to succede him. Dienekes leaned heavily on his Master Librarian in his first two decades but just as with every chalange before happened he quickly rose to the challenge and so was among the youngest of the chapter masters to attend the Conclave on baal hewever no one questioned his prowess because of the large repetuior of action under his belt.

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